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  1. laurennicolem


    Congrats!! Can I ask what your stats were?
  2. laurennicolem

    Looking for PS feedback/swap

    Looking to DM personal statement to anyone who will read! Willing to critique yours in return ?
  3. laurennicolem

    Application Questions

    Will I have the stats to apply with some confidence to some reputable programs (Quinnipiac, Yale, Cornell, ect)? Is applying to around 10+ schools going to be expensive/a waste of money? Will being a minority (half black) factor into admissions at all? How much is a recommended minimum to have in savings when preparing for potential interview season if applying to schools within driving distance? Best resources to prepare for the CASPA applications/interviews? I plan to apply as soon as the next cycle opens (April 2019). Here are my stats: Med surg hospital PCA PCE: 1,800+ by application time (500 so far) Medical technologist HCE: 2,000+ GPA: 3.9 GRE: 160 Q, 165 V Letters of rec: undergrad program director, internal med PA, hospital lab director, nurse manager Volunteer experience: ~100 hours @ women's reproduction health clinic, fundraising for children's medical center, blood drive volunteer Shadowing hours: ~ 100+ in internal, ortho, neurology, vascular surg, GI, OB/neonatal
  4. laurennicolem

    Boss wants LOR guidance

    My boss (hospital laboratory director) from the job I just left really valued me as an employee and offered to write me a LOR when she found out I was leaving for a PCE position. I emailed her to let her know that she can ask me if she needs anything to help her write the letter and this was her response: "If you could provide me with specifics that they are looking for in the letter that would be helpful. I have a format that I use for personal references--not sure if they are looking for technical and/or learning abilities--those have been asked for in a reference I wrote for one of my employees from _____" Any ideas on what I should suggest to her? Thanks!
  5. laurennicolem

    Feedback on PS Draft via DM

    I'd love if someone would let me DM them my unfinished PS draft for review! I'd be willing to read anyone else's and give my own comments. Thanks!
  6. I feel like you should leave it out- being let into a brand new program with no history and no accreditation won't really impress the admissions committees of competitive programs, and maybe they'll read it the wrong way and think you might flake out if you're offered a spot. Just my thoughts though!
  7. laurennicolem

    Personal Statement Swap

    Messaged you!
  8. laurennicolem

    I’ll read your PS

    Messaged you!
  9. laurennicolem

    Asking for a LOR

    I shadowed a different PA for a total of 25 hours, over the course of 3 months-but it was a few months ago. Would it be better to ask her?
  10. laurennicolem

    Asking for a LOR

    Thank you! If I don't have my essay finished (not going to apply until next cycle), should I send my draft or just send my CV or resume?
  11. laurennicolem

    Asking for a LOR

    I'm a bit apprehensive about asking for a LOR from a PA that I shadowed for a total of roughly 18 hours over the course of 3 consecutive days because some people on this forum have said that is not nearly enough time-I just wanted to know if I'm being silly and I should just ask. I shadowed her for 2 days in the office seeing patients and for 1 day in the OR for 3 surgeries. I ended up chatting with her to the point where she knows my professional and academic history, where I live, a little bit about my family ect and she seemed to appreciate the questions that I asked her. She opened up about herself and told me a little about her personal life and her frustrations about working in a male dominated field. She even asked me assist with a few (very minor) patient related things. I currently do not have a LOR from any PAs and I know that many schools prefer one of your letters to be from one. She gave me her number and yesterday she texted me to tell me not to hesitate to ask if I need anything. So far I've written: "Thank you for the fantastic shadowing experience that I have had with you. You were a great example of excellent communication with patients and members of your healthcare team, and I appreciated how you answered all of my questions and explained things thoroughly. I will definitely be taking your insight into my future professional experiences. I am writing to see if you feel that you have gotten to know me well enough to write me a strong letter of recommendation for PA school. If you feel that you can write a letter that speaks to any positive character traits that you may have noticed in me that would translate well to a career as a PA..." Any input is much appreciated!
  12. laurennicolem

    Premed switching to Pre-PA

    I get the same impression! Almost every MD and PA I've spoken to made me feel like PA was the better choice. Not sure why some of the older PAs on this forum like to discourage us in the earlier 20s crowd from perusing the profession
  13. laurennicolem

    GRE Help Please!

    I would retake after studying more effectively- figure out your learning style, weak areas ect and go from there! I highly recommend spending the money on Magoosh
  14. I just got a job at a big city hospital as a patient care assistant. I start full time on May 14th. I have my EMT cert but practically no experience working hands on with patients. I would love to hear any tips or advice for newbies in patient care! Also- I have about 2,600 hours of HCE from working as a Med Tech, and will just be starting to gain PCE. The plan is to apply to a few schools with late fall/winter deadlines this cycle, and then apply to more in the next cycle starting spring 2019. Does this sound reasonable? Stats: 3.9 GPA 153Q 160V GRE 40+ shadowing hours from 3 different PAs
  15. laurennicolem

    GRE Scores

    Thanks! I spent 4 months doing flash cards, reading a few books with advanced vocab/paying attention to NPR and writing down every word I didn’t know on a master “new word” list, and casually using Manhattan prep/online resouces to go over basic algebra and geometry concepts. Then I started using Magoosh for 2 months and studied much more intensely, doing all of the vocab questions and the easy and medium math questions. I tried my best on the hard and extra hard math questions and that helped my reasoning skills even if I got the answer wrong because I would watch the video explainations. The more time you have the better, it takes a while for vocab to sink in. Hope this helps!

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