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  1. I received a phone call on Wednesday with an offer of acceptance! I was originally placed on the active list as well. Just paid my deposit and I cannot wait to meet you all! Good luck everyone!
  2. I don't think a major is what is going to make you stand out for PA school. Medical schools focus more on that, PA schools focus a lot on experiences and academic ability in prerequisites. You could always major in one and minor in the other.
  3. I am in a similar situation with being waitlisted after interviews. I did an accelerated (3.5 week) EMT course at UCLA center for pre hospital care. I highly recommend it, look it up! I am from Maryland and relocated out there for a little over a month (using airbnb) and it was the experience of a lifetime. I wanted to transition between jobs at that point so it was feasible. I was a medical assistant but I wanted to do something more, so I am now working as an ER tech. I understand your search results of 2 years for EMT. Maryland requires you to join a volunteer firehouse if you want to be an EMT in the field, unless you want paid IFT EMT. Most school based EMT courses here were multiple semesters in length so that is why I chose the UCLA option. Your grades seem good enough that a master's program is unnecessary. My stats were a little less than yours and I was told that I do not need to complete a Master's program either. If you are being waitlisted, your interview skills are clearly not the main issue. If they were, you would have been denied. But that does not mean that interview skills need to be ignored when preparing for the next admissions cycle. Good luck!
  4. Has anyone taken Introduction to Biochemistry online through UC San Diego Extension? I am contemplating taking this course but there is no access to the syllabus before enrollment, so I have no idea what the course entails. I also need to submit documentation of the course to my job prior to enrollment for partial tuition reimbursement. I really do appreciate it if anyone can help! http://extension.ucsd.edu/studyarea/index.cfm?vAction=singleCourse&vCourse=BIOL-40145&vsacategoryid=356&vStudyAreaID=115 Does anyone recommend a different online Biochemistry course? I have taken Organic Chemistry and Medical Terminology through UNE and I would prefer to avoid taking Biochemistry there as well.
  5. I'm interested in applying to this school, but I am wondering if it is way too late to submit an application. I originally submitted my CASPA 6/1/16, so I know the importance of applying early. After going back and reading this thread, I have only seen two interview dates so far. Any suggestions? Is anyone else considering the same?
  6. I completely understand that I can improve in all areas, but if these programs truly didn't like me during my interviews, I would have been denied...not waitlisted all four times. I'm not trying to completely dismiss everyones feedback, it really is good to hear, but I'm still mostly convinced my GPA is what's really dragging my application down. If they didn't like me or didn't see me as a fit, I wouldn't even been given that opportunity to be on a waitlist. I see so many posts on here from people with GPAs near 3.8 and higher, I know I'm not nearly as competitive as they are in that aspect. I'm really just looking for what I can do to improve that from here, whether people have completed post bacc programs or masters programs or even additional prerequisites. I know with time and practice my interviews will improve and my HCE will continue to grow, but I need to be proactive about increasing the academic portion as well though. I feel like these programs like me from my interviews but they see me as a potential risk for their program's success rate because of my average academic history. They want to take students who they know will succeed, ultimately raising their reputation down the line. If they take someone with a lower/average GPA, like myself, it lowers their averages and I can see how they perceive it as "risky". So they figure they might as well waitlist me in hopes they find applicants who they like just as much, with better grades, and ultimately better chances of succeeding in their program. Mainly because 2 out of these 3 programs are still very new, they rely on great numbers at this point. So with that being said, that is why I want to continue course work from here to prove that I can succeed as a graduate level student. I want them to know how motivated I am and how determined I am to get in.
  7. Yes! I have actually scheduled a phone call for tomorrow. They already told me that they usually don't offer feedback like that to applicants but he's happy to answer questions that I may have. I was just hoping to get an idea of all of my options ahead of time. Or to see if anyone else has had similar situations to mine and what they did to improve.
  8. I hate to sound overly confident here...but I know it's not my interviewing skills. I thought that maybe my interview didn't go so well the first year, but they went absolutely perfectly this year. I walked out of them knowing they went very well and had very high hopes. I'm a very outgoing person and I honestly know it has noting to do with that. I've had bad interviews in the past so I know it's not that and I know the difference between them. I know how well I connected with all of my interviewers. I had even known one previously. My take on all of this is that they do like me as a candidate, but overall they would rather put me on the waitlist than accept me in case they find other candidates they like just as much with a better GPA. I want to add that with one of the schools I was missing a prerequisite and I can see how that can be viewed as a potential "risk".
  9. GPA is a 3.3 and patient care I have about 2,000 as a medical assistant and scribe, I am a CNA and EMT, and I have been working in the ER as a tech since this summer. I also have a lot of shadowing hours (PA, NP, and MDs). So I have a wide variety of experience and I hope to continue working. So total hours, if I could guess, would be about 3,000 as of right now. My GRE scores were pretty average as well... 150 verbal, 152 quant, and 4.0 analytical..I'm hoping to not have to retake it...Ive taken it 3 times with minimal increase.
  10. I'm considering applying for Master's programs before reapplying to PA school next year. I have applied to PA schools twice, the first year with only 1 interview and then waitlisted, the second year 3 interviews all of which I was waitlisted. It is starting to become clear to me that my gpa is what is lacking while my healthcare experience is my strong point. Ideally I would love to continue working while enrolled in a Master's program, but the only realistic way of doing that is completing one online. Does anyone have any suggestions for online programs? One's that have ultimately lead to more acceptances? I am also considering in person programs as well. I fear the possibility of having to relocate with on campus programs and having to refrain from working during that time though. But I am open to any suggestions! On a side note, I am also considering taking additional pre req courses that I have not taken (genetics, organic 2, biochem, abnormal). Ideally I would like to take these in person as well but it was impossible to register during the regular fall or spring for courses at my only 4 year university close to home as a non degree student...I was only able to get into 1 summer course so far. Are taking courses at community colleges looked at the same in this case? I've taken courses through UNE online and I didn't do as well with the online format as I had wished I would.
  11. It's an "active list" which means they are actively accepting off of it the same time they are giving out acceptances. I know someone who was put on the list last year and was accepted just a few days later. They also pulled from the active list up until a week before classes. As for a number of people on the active list I am not sure. I would imagine it's probably the same size as their class, maybe even a little more. Don't lose hope, it will all work out for the best!
  12. I emailed admissions.worcester@mcphs.edu, and then someone else directly replied.
  13. Looking back I received it on 6/30. So it was almost a month after it was verified by CASPA. I'd suggest emailing them, they were very responsive with all my questions!
  14. I also received an interview invite via email and I will be interviewing 09/12! I had my CASPA completed on 6/1. Hope everyone hears back soon!!
  15. Last year I believe interviews began in late September. My interview wasn't until December, the very last interview group to go through. I had completed my application in early august, but my shadowing hours weren't finalized until after. Even though I was the last interview, I do know a student who was accepted to the program from my group. Good luck!
  16. Did you received an email other than the one stating the application was verified and they were reminding about the application fee? It only said that "next your application will reviewed for completeness." I never got a confirmation that everything was complete. I'm wondering if I should email them asking if they received everything at this point.
  17. You should write about something different you did in college or after college that other applicants may not have done. I imagine they are asking about what makes you different or stand out amongst other applicants. There are many different ways to write the essay because most applicants do a lot of interesting things. Pick what makes you stand out individually. Good luck!
  18. When was your application received? And when did they contact you for your interview?
  19. They received my application on 6/8/16 but I had just retaken the GRE so my scores were not officially sent in until the end of June. I checked with admissions and they emailed me saying my application was under review as of 6/30. Yes, it feels very long! Especially because we know they are actively interviewing applicants.
  20. Yes! Anxiously waiting. When was your application complete?
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