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  1. I received a phone call on Wednesday with an offer of acceptance! I was originally placed on the active list as well. Just paid my deposit and I cannot wait to meet you all! Good luck everyone!
  2. Has anyone taken Introduction to Biochemistry online through UC San Diego Extension? I am contemplating taking this course but there is no access to the syllabus before enrollment, so I have no idea what the course entails. I also need to submit documentation of the course to my job prior to enrollment for partial tuition reimbursement. I really do appreciate it if anyone can help! http://extension.ucsd.edu/studyarea/index.cfm?vAction=singleCourse&vCourse=BIOL-40145&vsacategoryid=356&vStudyAreaID=115 Does anyone recommend a different online Biochemistry course? I have taken Organic Chemistry and Medical Terminology through UNE and I would prefer to avoid taking Biochemistry there as well.
  3. I'm interested in applying to this school, but I am wondering if it is way too late to submit an application. I originally submitted my CASPA 6/1/16, so I know the importance of applying early. After going back and reading this thread, I have only seen two interview dates so far. Any suggestions? Is anyone else considering the same?
  4. I emailed admissions.worcester@mcphs.edu, and then someone else directly replied.
  5. Looking back I received it on 6/30. So it was almost a month after it was verified by CASPA. I'd suggest emailing them, they were very responsive with all my questions!
  6. I also received an interview invite via email and I will be interviewing 09/12! I had my CASPA completed on 6/1. Hope everyone hears back soon!!
  7. Last year I believe interviews began in late September. My interview wasn't until December, the very last interview group to go through. I had completed my application in early august, but my shadowing hours weren't finalized until after. Even though I was the last interview, I do know a student who was accepted to the program from my group. Good luck!
  8. You should write about something different you did in college or after college that other applicants may not have done. I imagine they are asking about what makes you different or stand out amongst other applicants. There are many different ways to write the essay because most applicants do a lot of interesting things. Pick what makes you stand out individually. Good luck!
  9. They received my application on 6/8/16 but I had just retaken the GRE so my scores were not officially sent in until the end of June. I checked with admissions and they emailed me saying my application was under review as of 6/30. Yes, it feels very long! Especially because we know they are actively interviewing applicants.
  10. Yes! Anxiously waiting. When was your application complete?
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