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  1. The base salary seems very low, especially for the NE, which tends to have higher salaries. In particular, a friend of mine solidified an Ortho position with similar time spread, in the same general area for a base of 100k with full benefits and no call (New-grad). If its a position you've been longing for, then I would negotiate. Many practices or groups try to take advantage of new grads. Don't sell yourself short! Include higher base, clarity on call expectations, what the bonus/raise structure entails, etc.
  2. Haven't really frequented the forums since starting school, but so happy I stumbled across this post. I'm about 7 months out from graduation and have just sent in applications to 2 Critical Care/Trauma residency programs. Waiting to hear back in the coming month! Despite criticisms and doubts from my peers, I know undertaking a residency is the right choice, especially for this field of medicine (at least for me). It seems the only arguments voiced against it are the obvious pay discrepancy, which in my opinion shouldn't be enough to deter one from these opportunities. Don't get me wrong, I am DEEP into loans, but Im confident the skills and knowledge base I will build during a residency program will pay dividends for years to come. Its always been about building a career, and not simply getting a job. Eager to see more! Thank you for your efforts!
  3. Same! My GPA was around a 3.3 (Both) upon finishing my undergrad and I got accepted during my first application cycle. Also had a significant upward trend due to some earlier years of Slacking 101. If you feel your GPA isn't as strong as it should be, shine in other areas such as experience, shadowing, GRE, volunteering, organizations etc. Make sure your personal statement reflects your hardwork and discipline. Its about being a well-rounded applicant overall! Completely doable!
  4. It can be daunting at times to think about the uphill battle ahead. I felt it. We all did. I also was hesitant after reading several admission "horror" stories, but I stuck to it and worked harder as a result. Remember, PA schools want a well-rounded applicant. Its not about the highest GPA or highest amount of hours. Its about the quality of all you've done and how you've used that to prepare yourself to be a successful PA. Nonetheless, I would suggest looking for a patient-care experience gig asap and start building those hours. Feel free to pm me if you have any more questions. Best of luck!
  5. Hey there! I too pursued a degree in dietetics during my UG. Like you, I originally had set my sights on becoming a dietitian early on. At about the halfway point, I discovered the PA profession and knew thats where I needed to be. Despite the desire to become a PA, I still wanted to receive a degree in dietetics and nutrition, as I knew it would provide me with a good base and "preventative" mindset going into medicine. Plus, I still liked nutrition! Obviously, the Dietetics degree lacks some pre-requisites required for PA School (Orgo, Anatomy, etc). I decided to prolong my graduation and take those within my degree, so as to boost my GPA. You don't seem to have to worry about that part. Being part of a few organizations and volunteering were also part of the deal. Additionally, I also obtained a job as a medical scribe, and quickly grew into a leadership role within my respective company (Quality experience hours). Fast forward. I graduated, took a few months to prep for the GRE, and did fairly well (Magoosh is the BOMB). Its about 2 months till the CASPA open date at this point. I reach out to my LOR authors and prepare my personal statement (Quite possibly the most important part). I apply during the CASPA opening week. Checked my application for mistakes about 25 times and submitted. Interviewed at a few and got into one of my top choices. Ill be starting in January! Everything above was laid out from the moment I decided I wanted to be a PA. In my mind, there was no other option. I set out a plan of action and stuck to it religiously! You are on the right track, but you need to do your research and think long and hard about whether you truly want to commit to it. If you do, take my experience as proof that it is absolutely possible. PS: My GPA wasn't nearly as high as yours. You got this!
  6. Bryant University PA-S Class of 2019!

    1. OLW2018


      get ready! lol

    2. Holly_Diana


      ^^Agreed! Get ready for a whirlwind to begin.

    3. Diggy
  7. Very exciting and interesting read! Will be starting school in 3 months. Its motivating to see the team dynamic in place. Looking forward to contributing in the near future!
  8. Thank you! Ill keep a look out then.
  9. For those accepted, have you received any further correspondence from Bryant? I received my acceptance letter, paid my deposit, and have begun my background check/FAFSA. Have they contacted anyone with actual paperwork from the program, etc? Thanks!
  10. Got the call Friday, Im in!!! Deposit is in and I can't wait to meet everyone in January! I won't be interviewing anywhere else after visiting Bryant. For those of you interviewing in the coming weeks, you'll see why. Good luck!
  11. It was a pleasure meeting you! Thank you for being so honest and welcoming. Yes, any and all Cuban eats are greatly appreciated haha. Hope to see you in January!
  12. What an incredible program! Literally blown away by the facilities and faculty. The wait begins. Start date was January 3rd from what we were told today.
  13. Got the call last Friday 07/22 for an interview on August 29th/30th!! Ecstatic is an understatement. Good luck to all!
  14. Very exciting to see many getting accepted so soon! Congrats to you all!
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