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  1. Interviewing in August as well! Submitted: 5/19 Supplemental sent: 7/15 Interview offer: 7/21 Interview date: 8/5
  2. @phuongx3 I replied directly to the email as well but I never got a confirmation from Ms. Jefferson. I wonder if I should email again?
  3. Hi everyone! I haven't seen a thread started for the 2016-2017 admissions cycle for Rutgers yet. If anyone is applying or has heard back about interviews please comment below!
  4. Wait listed also. Received email 7/11. @phuongx3 @Jcastlen did you reply directly to the email address used to send the letter or did you reply to the enrollment coordinator address?
  5. @phuongx3 I received an invitation for July 8th as well. I did not receive a confirmation email after my reply either.
  6. Congrats to everyone receiving interviews! Application sent 5/19 CASPA verified 5/20 Interview invitation 6/7 Interview date 7/21
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