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  1. Does anyone know where to get the drug screening and background check prior to the interview?
  2. It was great meeting you this past weekend. I'm glad you got accepted! You deserve it!
  3. I think that's just general acceptance into the community college. Not the PA school.
  4. Towson has received my files early. However, they said they won't start any reviewing until September.
  5. Towson should have sent you a link to keep track of your application (and transcript receipt) progress.
  6. On last email from them this week, they told me that they received the supplementals from us but they haven't started reviewing CASPA yet. So now interview invites have been sent out yet.
  7. Did you ever receive an acceptance/processed email confirmation from CCBC? I never got one but I was finally able to log into SIMON through account recovery, which probably is not the intended method! Anyways, I was able to log in and submit my $50 fee that way. Hope it works.
  8. How many days did it take for you to get your account after applying to CCBC? I'm still waiting on it to give me an account. I've done step 1 and 3.
  9. For Step 2 of the supplemental application, it asks us to log in to our SIMON account. Were we supposed to receive additional information by email after step 1? Perhaps an "acceptance" from CCBC or some follow-up email? I completed Step 1 and got my student ID number, but I don't have a SIMON account.
  10. I got this in the email. "Please send the transcript(s) where you have earned a degree and complete the TU application immediately." Does this mean that places you did not receive a degree don't need their transcripts sent in?
  11. Was there a supplemental application? I know there is one for those invited to interviews, but I'm not sure if there is one before that.
  12. Does anyone know if this school has a processing fee or supplemental app? Or is it just GRE + CASPA application?
  13. I got an email in June saying that they received my application and that they will review my application. They also said that no other materials were needed at this time. Did they forget to send me the supplemental application and do I need to send them a reminder? Or will it come automatically later?
  14. When is the last interview group? Late August? That means decisions won't be made until September?
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