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  1. Those who are accepted get a couple weeks to accept or decline the invitation. I would give it some more time. Sorry, I know it's stressful.
  2. They will call you. I will be giving up my seat. Good luck.
  3. I would guess that it was a mistake. I received a call too without voicemail. They told us at the interviews that acceptance letters are only sent by snail mail, and not by phone call or email.
  4. The best time to apply to any PA school, unless stated specifically that they do not do rolling admissions, is to apply by early May. 9/4/19
  5. Congratulations for those who received an interview invite! Does anyone know if we need to bring anything to the interview?
  6. Yes. Email her back and accept the waitlist position. I did not get a confirmation response.
  7. I believe in step 5 there are directions on what to do if you do not hear back.
  8. I just chose background check plus drug screening. Came out to $67 or so.
  9. Does anyone know where to get the drug screening and background check prior to the interview?
  10. It was great meeting you this past weekend. I'm glad you got accepted! You deserve it!
  11. I think that's just general acceptance into the community college. Not the PA school.
  12. Towson has received my files early. However, they said they won't start any reviewing until September.
  13. Towson should have sent you a link to keep track of your application (and transcript receipt) progress.
  14. On last email from them this week, they told me that they received the supplementals from us but they haven't started reviewing CASPA yet. So now interview invites have been sent out yet.
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