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  1. Ok, thanks for the response. I just received the email about my app being under review. Good luck to everyone
  2. Has anyone received notice of their application going under review. I just listened to my voicemail and there’s a scrambled message stating something about my application being sent to a department. Sucks, I can’t really make it out. Just wondering if anyone else received anything?
  3. Hello Everyone, I just received notice from CASPA that my application is complete and ready to be submitted to my programs. Can anyone who’s received NOVA supplemental tell me how long it took after they submitted to receive it?
  4. Hey, I’ll be one of your classmates this year and I noticed you are full of information. I haven’t made it to any student days and wanted to see if you could help me out with a question about FA? Don’t know who you are on FB so I can DM you.

    1. Packman PA

      Yes feel free to ask me anything and I will help anyway I can....On FB I am "Christopher Moss" Also we have a "Campbell University PA class of 2021".  I will answer as quickly as I can as I work during the day but have free time here and there.

      Chris Moss

  5. I stayed at the Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham in Lillington. They’re the closet hotel to the university. Prices are decent, rooms are clean, continental breakfast has nice options and the staff is super sweet! Just a little piece of advice, if you’re not renting a car it can be a bit of a challenge to get an Uber there. Good luck!
  6. Just received a call from Wes, I have been offered an seat. So excited! God is so good, can’t wait to be a part of this awesome program.
  7. Anybody staying at the micrtoell inn interviewing today. There isn’t a single uber and I’m freakong out about getting to the university. Or is anyone passing by. Help!
  8. I am flying in from Florida, already have my flight tickets but have no clue where to stay. So I read over all the post for this cycle and last cycle and haven’t seen anyone post where they stayed. Any advice?
  9. I just received an email for interview for 10/12, so maybe they’re not done inviting for that day yet.
  10. Thanks for the update, relieves some of my anxiety. Now to continue praying for the Carolinas ?
  11. I didn’t ask if they were going to send any other emails but the second I began to ask I was cut off and given an explanation and then told that they had been receiving calls all morning.
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