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  1. Good luck to everyone applying this round! I went through my emails and compiled my general timeline from last year's cycle, as I remember my unhealthy obsession of refreshing my inbox. Feel free to PM any questions! CASPA Received, Supplemental Link: 07/22/2016 Duke PA Application is complete: 07/26/2016 PA Application is being reviewed: 09/02/2016 Invitation to Interview: 09/13/2016 Predetermined Interview date: 10/24/2016 Offer of Admission: 10/31/2016 Deposit ($1125) and response due: 11/10/2016 Email correspondences begin: March 2017
  2. I remember categorizing it as EMT-IB, although I'm sure either would suffice :)
  3. Didn't have my credit checked unfortunately, a little suspicious that it may have been my academic letter of rec that wasn't formatted correctly =/ Oh well.
  4. I applied for this as well, hoping for the best!
  5. I would definitely not worry about retaking it at all, as your grades speak volumes about your ability to handle a rigorous course load over a GRE score. I applied with a great GPA and lackluster GRE scores (verbal score in the 37th percentile and a quantitative score in the 48th percentile). I got into 2 out of the 3 programs I applied to that required the GRE, wasn't even touched upon during my interviews. As long as your programs won't filter you out based on percentile or category minimum, you should be fine :)
  6. Hi there! If you're looking into an EMT course and are willing to relocate for a month, I did mine in Long Beach, CA, 21 day program. http://www.ciemt.com/emt-basic-course/ Some people at my company also did 2-week accelerated programs that are basically EMT bootcamp. I think gaining medical experience as an EMT of MA will definitely improve your chances next cycle.
  7. The committee hearing was yesterday afternoon, I received my acceptance call last night!
  8. Yes, at our interview group they stated that a committee hold was either they didn't get to discussing your profile at the committee hearing or they couldn't come up with a decision due to time constraints, your decision will be made at the next committee hearing which will be the week of Thanksgiving.
  9. I turned down my spot today in the program, hopefully that opens up a spot for you guys on the wait list, good luck everyone :)
  10. Hello! I had difficulty with this too, as it's difficult to find PA's to shadow in my area. What I ended up doing was calling/emailing all the small clinics in the area and finally found one PA in primary care who allowed me to shadow her one night for four hours. Not much, but it was more than enough to get an idea what the work day is like and to ask questions. I was able to talk about this experience in my interviews, as well as experiences I've had interacting with PA's in EMS. If you're able to do that, then it shouldn't matter if you have 8 or 100 hours of shadowing :)
  11. I just got my acceptance email, I can't believe it! Woo, cheers!!!
  12. I'd like to hear how the program is disorganized, as this is something to consider, especially when tuition for this program pushes 116K.
  13. I received my acceptance today as well! I interviewed on the 26th, so excited!
  14. Hello, I work in EMS as well and found my hours varied quite a bit. CASPA calculates your hours by multiplying the amount of hours you work per week by the number of weeks. I used the duration of my experience and adjusted the number of hours I worked per week until it matched closely the total number of hours. Basically an average. A lot of programs won't count hours obtained during training (clinicals, ride alongs, etc), however if your program does, I would make it a separate entry from your volunteer ambulance experience under Patient Care Experience and let the schools determine whether or not to count it :)
  15. The notification was by email, and they let you choose an interview date. Anyone know the format of the interview? Hoping it's not MMI, because that was a hot mess for me.
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