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  1. Hi everyone, I am seeking advice about how to best interpret and utilize the AAPA salary report, and then seeking input on if I am using that to accurately evaluate the merits of my job offer. So, to begin, I am a new grad and will be going into family practice, and I have an offer from a privately owned family practice in a location that I love, with a relatively lower COL than surrounding areas. Regarding the AAPA salary report, I had previously assumed that my target for all comparison tables would be at about the 50th percentile. However, I recently finally read the begin
  2. Well, great point! Not sure why I thought a title (which I haven't yet earned) was necessary. Thanks for the guidance.
  3. I am starting to put together my resume so I can be prepared to start the job search well before graduation day. However, if I start applying to jobs prior to graduation, what do I list as my 'title' after my name? Do I list 'physician assistant' or 'physician assistant student'? The first seems disingenuous (given that I haven't yet graduated), but then listing my title as 'student' in big bold letters seems like a recipe for getting ignored... given that I am not listing PA-C (certified) is it appropriate to use the title 'PA' without the 'certified' qualifier? Thanks for the insight.
  4. You typically have 5-10 minutes after the lecture ends or during a break to ask questions, and nearly every lecturer has also shared their email and emphasized that they are open to questions from students at any point, so I feel like we have pretty good access. We also have several core faculty members that will teach on their areas of expertise, or other clinical topics; we often had 3 to 5 lectures a day, so i'd say at least half were from other clinicians with specific experience in the given field that is being discussed.
  5. Absolutely -- sorry it has taken so long to get back online here. So, we just wrapped up our summer term a few weeks ago, and that was an awesome, powerful, out-of-your-comfort-zone, can't-believe-what-i-just-learned type of whirlwind; I had a lot of fun and it has been great getting to know everyone in the program. During summer we took a lot of different courses, some of which included.... Physical diagnosis, physical diagnosis lab (learned how to do a complete physical exam), medical genetics, epidemiology (learned how to critically analyze a scientific paper or study), patho
  6. Hey there! I'm a current student and would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. I really relied on this forum a lot when I was applying, so hopefully I can return the favor a bit. We are kept pretty busy, but right now I am procrastinating.... Send your questions my way! I'll try to get back in a reasonable time frame Best of luck on the process!
  7. It can feel like searching for a needle in a hay-stack, but like someone previously said, you can in fact get a job as a Medical Assistant without a license or certificate---- this is what I am doing and it has been an invaluable experience! I would look for small, privately owned clinics --- they tend to have more lee-way in hiring options and not needing to meet some HR "check-box" that you have a certificate or license, for liability reasons. The clinic I work for hired me and trained me, because they would rather have employees who are using the position as a stepping stone to bigger and b
  8. I am so distraught as I write this. I sat down to do my timed supplemental application and had just completed the first question. On question #2, I believe I double-tapped the text box or hit my "backspace" button to delete something. Next thing I knew, the question changed and I was on #3!!! A banner popped up that read "Backspace Detected" and in my panic and confusion I thought it maybe meant that I should try clicking the backspace, to try to get back to question #2...... DON'T DO THIS!!!!!!! The application booted me off, and submitted!!!!! I only was on for 15 minutes and answered on
  9. For the past few years, I have looked to CHA's program as a baseline program for which I would eventually meet all of their requirements (I'm not saying "safety" school because that CLEARLY does not exist and I am still so anxious), but I always thought CHA was an 'easier' program to get in to because they do not technically require health care experience. For those that have said they hear this is really hard to get in to, I imagine it is because so many people apply?? Are their requirements more strict than what is listed on the website? My stats: sGPA: 3.87 cGPA: 3.90 Biolo
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