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  1. Are all those who received interviews or acceptance from Colorado? I’m an out of state applicant hoping for the best!
  2. Hello all, I will be moving to Chicago at the end of May. I was wondering if anyone had any connections or knew of any job postings that would count towards HCE hours for school (MA, scribe, etc.). I currently work as a medical scribe, but if anyone knows maybe some MA jobs that don’t require experience and will train. Thanks!
  3. mfrats


    Just figured I might as well ask on the forum considering I was asking the first question. I'll be sure to tell you first once I graduate from a program :) Thanks for the help pastudentw
  4. mfrats


    I have a question regarding uploading my transcripts to CASPA. I have finished all my pre-reqs for the schools I am applying to, however I am still taking my language requirement to complete my degree. I will not be done with the language until this winter, after most of the school deadlines. I am also trying to apply early, within the next month, so should I still upload my transcripts now and then would have to upload them again after I complete my degree? Also, if I have taken some courses at a community college but am having them transferred over to my undergrad school, do I have to upload those transcripts separately? Do the schools want to know that I have attended the community college? Thanks!
  5. I currently work at an ophthalmology office as an ophthalmic technician/medical scribe. However when I first started there over a year ago, I was hired as a front desk employee. I know that I can use this front desk job as healthcare experience but not for patient contact experience. My question is, how do I input this into CASPA? I assume I put them in separately even though it was at the same job? Also, do I put my start date as when I first started the job or when I first moved into a back office role? Thanks for any help!
  6. Thanks for the honest feedback. Exactly what I was looking for because I didn't want it to seem like I had concerns about the profession, but just that I know this is something I want to do even though those issues can arise. But re-thinking it, it does come off that I am not 100% sure about it. Thanks
  7. Hi all, I wanted to get some opinions on a topic I was going to work into my personal statement. I was wondering if it would be good for my essay or if it would be better brought up during an interview. One of my concerns going into the PA profession would be how patients feel about being seen by a PA. Do they not feel as comfortable since they are not MDs? Do they not take a PA as serious or value their opinion? Also, how do supervising MDs view PAs? Do they think of them as colleagues or a health professional that is beneath them? I brought this up to a PA that I shadowed and he told me that when he had an issue with a patient wanting to be seen by their regular doctor as opposed to him, the doctor came into the room and told the patient "I would trust him with the care of my own children, you are in good hands" and that really stuck with me. The patient felt better, I'm sure the PA felt more confident, and it showed a trust between supervising MD and PA. Would this be something to include in my statement if I elaborate on it? Or is this something more to bring up in an interview. Thanks for the feedback!
  8. Just wondering if anyone knows of any plastic surgery residencies? I know there are numerous general surgery ones, and maybe plastics get covered in one of those? I also found some things regarding plastic surgery residency but they seemed like they were from a few years ago. Thanks for any help!
  9. mfrats

    Ophthalmic PAs?

    I have been looking into that as well. I just like the flexibility of being a PA where you don't necessarily have to stay in one specialty your entire life. So I was just wondering if ophthalmology was a specialty that PAs can work in, but I see now that their job duties would essentially be what an optometrist does. Thanks for the insight!
  10. Any ophthalmic PAs out there who can share their experiences? Is it too hard for an ophthalmologist to employ a PA? I currently work as a scribe/tech in an ophthalmologist office, just wondering if there any further careers out there in the same field. Will be applying next cycle!
  11. Linkedin has actually helped me find a lot more people than just looking up different doctor's office through Google or somehting. As said above, it is all about networking. Keep at it!
  12. The way I have been able to get some shadowing hours is looking up PAs in my area, contacting their office and just asking if they are willing to have a student shadow them. It has been a bit tedious, but I have met some great PAs thus far all whom have offered great advice for applying to school. Ask any doctors you know if they maybe know someone and go from there
  13. Any OC PAs out there willing to have someone shadow?? Please reach out to me! Thanks!
  14. mfrats

    Any FMF corpsman?

    I apologize for the ambiguity of my post, I was trying to post on my break from work and was a little rushed. To clarify: I am wondering how life is as a corpsman, how you spent your time as a corpsman (what type of things you saw each day), and how you transitioned to becoming a PA and anything about that process. Also, I was wondering if you chose to be a PA in the Navy or rather civilian life PA. Also was wondering how well prepared you felt for PA school coming from being a corpsman. Thank you guys!
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