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  1. I want to thank all of you for responding to my post. Your advice has helped me soo much when it comes to my next steps. It is VERY much appreciated
  2. My BCP GPA is probably the only GPA I can significantly improve. I think next semester I am going to take a few science classes at my local community college. I dont think the second bachelor degree will be a good option for me. cost is a big factor for me which is why i cant take more pre-reqs at a university and if i do a second Bachelor they will charge me twice tuition because I would be over 132 credit hours. The biggest thing i am contemplating right now is the Masters Degree.
  3. I applied to these following schools: Arizona School of Health Sciences South university- west palm and tampa barry university wake forest UT southwestern university of washington university of utah Tufts USA University of texas University of charleston Touro- California and Nevada Texas Tech Stony University St. Ambrose Penn state Rosalind Quinniapac Nova- Jacksonville and Ft. Lauderdale Northwestern Midwestern MCPHS James Madison Albany Medical College In college I was balancing 18 plus credit hours and a full time job, and I think I will do better in PA school because I wont be working and can focus more on studying and I wont have all the distractions I had in college. My worst grades are in Orgo Lab- C physics -C+ A&P 2- C Genetics- C Biochemistry- C+ Survery of Human Diseases- C Foundations of global health- C Taking A&P2, Micro, and Genetics in the same semester with two other classes was my biggest mistake! Everything else is a B- and above Also my BCP GPA is brought down significantly by a D in Micro, but I retook it and received an A-
  4. My science GPA is higher than my BCP GPA because alot of my science classes are outside the BCP categories.I do agree GRE is my first step at the least. It seems from the majority of your comments that I'm looking at 3+ years before I could be competitive enough to apply again...which is very disappointing
  5. Re-taking classes are not really an option for me because I an basically a B student , so I have mostly C+, B-,B, B+ grades and the community college near me wont let me retake classes unless i failed. I think my next course of action will be to retake the GRE and then get my Masters while accumulating HCE. I am currently still working as a CNA. Then maybe after about 2 years I will re-apply to PA school? Does that sound like a good plan? I just feel like there is such a huge rush for some reason. I actually recently just graduated from Undergrad in Spring of this year(not 2013, it was an error, just changed it), so I am fairly young compared to most applicants.
  6. Im skeptical about doing a Grad program because I thought Grad GPA is completely separate and it would still show I have low undergrad GPA. Also it would be hard to get into a Grad program with a 148, right? I feel like my best bet is to retake the GRE and gain more experience because I can only raise by GPA by so much.
  7. Hello all, this was my first year applying to PA school and I did not receive any interviews. I was hoping to receive some advice for next year as I know I am a very mediocre applicant. Here are my Stats: Undergrad GPA: 3.16 Science GPA: 3.05 BCP GPA: 2.74 GRE: 150 quant 148 verbal LOR: RN, PA, Pharmacist Patient care : CNA (1400), Pharmacy tech(1500), Medical Scribe(400) Schools Applied: 29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Applications Submitted: Late June/ Early July I am really embarrassed to discuss this with any of my coworkers or family members, so I am hoping you guys can help me out. I would have thought I would at least gotten ONE interview. sigh :(. Any advice is appreciated!
  8. I submitted a little before you and have not received my application either, but I have received the one from Nevada.
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