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  1. Another 2019 here. Yes, it's true that STX campus had to evacuate yesterday due to hurricane Maria. All 3 campuses have been a bit hectic with two cat 5 hurricanes this month. Know that usually Barry is good about communication. We start classes again tomorrow, so hopefully faculty will contact you soon about your interviews. We're all excited for you to come to the campuses!
  2. Current student here. I remember being concerned about the title of the degree too, but from what I've heard students have no issues finding jobs... all that matters is passing the PANCE.
  3. Last year I submitted my app the first week of June and got the same confirmation email someone screenshoted above on July 11th. Then I didn't hear anything until September 26th when I received an interview invite for October 21st. Hang in there, waiting is definitely the hardest part!
  4. Hey everyone, I'm a member of the St Pete 2019 class starting in August. I'll have answers to more of your questions once I start, but feel free to PM me if you have any questions now and I'll check the forum frequently. Good luck!
  5. I received an acceptance email yesterday for St. Pete! I also interviwed on 10/21. Is there a facebook group yet?
  6. There was an individual interview as well? The email I received only mentioned the group interview.
  7. I received an email yesterday to interview! I'll be at the St. Petersburg campus on October 21st. I'd also appreciate if anyone could give insight into the group interview.
  8. I haven't seen an application thread for Bethel yet, so I thought I'd start one. I submitted my app on 5/24 and was verified on 6/2. I received an email that stated they have all my materials. Has anyone else heard from the program yet?
  9. My application was verified on 6/2. I haven't heard from them yet. Good luck to everyone applying!
  10. Congratulations to those accepted! I was submitted on 5/24 and was verified on 6/8. Haven't heard anything yet.
  11. Has anyone received the supp app yet? I was verified on 6/8 and have yet to hear anything.
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