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  1. *forgot to mention I am currently studying for GRE, no scheduled testing date yet.
  2. Hello all, I am currently an Undergrad at a well known state school. I jumped into my EMS program right after high school (no gap year) and was not entirely focused. Financial reasons also got in the way and resulted in me getting two D's in A&P 1 and Med. terminology. I was put on academic probation for the spring 2014 semester but i retook my A&P course and Med. terminology course, got B's in both, and was promptly taken off probation the following semester (I know these are still not good enough grades to have for these courses). I finished my EMT-A program back in May (2015) with a 2.75 GPA. Since then I worked full time/part time and now have approx. 1000 patient contact hours. I began working towards my Bachelors in Biology back in January (2016) and brought my GPA up to a 3.4. I am probably doing this wrong but I tried to calculate my caspa GPA with my A&P courses (factored in the D's) and EMS courses to try and see where i somewhat stand and it resulted in a 2.7 sGPA. I am barely going to start taking any Biology, Chemistry, Physics coursework this coming academic year so I am planning to work my butt off and get that sGPA up. I am more or less seeking some advice on what to improve, which courses would you recommend once i hit those 3000 level, what would you have done differently, any general advice, books, tools, what you would have liked to know during your undergrad about the PA profession, etc etc. Overall this is where I currently stand: School: Large state school Major: working for a B.S. in Biology (still have about 2-3 years left) Current Undergrad GPA: 3.40 Guesstimated sGPA: 2.75 Patient contact hours: approx. 1000 (going to keep working part time so will increase significantly by the time I apply, also thinking about scribing or ER tech) Shadowing: none yet, so hard to find PA or MD to shadow in my area but currently cold calling Volunteer : -Mentor for underprivileged children in my area -Planning a medical trip to Nicaragua Cert/awards: -EMT-B -EMT-A -CPR -CARES award (you get this for bringing someone back) Other qualifications: -Fluent in both English and Spanish, working on learning French now. -First generation college student (not really a qualification but just thought id mention it) I've known this is the career path I've wanted to work towards since I finished my EMT program so any useful advice you can provide would be great, thanks!
  3. Hello PA admissions, I have just found this forum and I am so trilled at all the information I have gained from your responses. I am currently an undergrad sophomore and I am barely going to begin all my science classes this coming August. I am a Biology major with a current 3.4 GPA and a estimated 3.1 sGPA. I used a science GPA calculator I found on google to try and estimate this. I only have two math classes in that sGPA, College Algebra - C and Precalculus - A, I was not really focused on school at the time I was taking that college algebra course but I am determined now to increase my sGPA. I am currently an Advanced-EMT with approx. 1000 pt contact hours already (accumulated over the course of 1 year). I am looking into finding some PA's to shadow and maybe get an ER tech job. I also am fluent in English and Spanish and I am working on my third language (French). I am volunteering as a mentor for underprivileged children in my community. I am also planning a Medical Relief trip to Nicaragua (my homeland) to spice up my application and increase my volunteer hours. My question to you is, since I am so early on in my Pre-PA studies, is there any courses you recommend me take as an undergrad to make me stand out, and what my chances look like with my HCE (I've heard EMT's are favorable), if I take the GRE multiple times will that reflect poorly on my application, and any other general advice you may have? Thank you so much for your time!
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