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  1. I was accepted off the waitlist at #23 this morning but will probably be turning it down to attend another program so whoever was #24 congrats!
  2. I was invited to interview in January but will be declining it due to commuting to another program, I hope this frees up a spot for someone!
  3. thanks! As far as advice, I did not expect there to be such big breaks in between my interview sessions. I had one at 8am for 15 minutes then a 3 hour gap until my next one so you won't be interviewing back to back (most likely), so just be prepared for long gaps. Make sure to eat something because it can make for a long day! The question style varies between interviewers so just practice and have a solid foundation/responses ready for each style, hope that helps!
  4. I will also be giving up my seat, I hope this helps one of you! Best of luck!!
  5. I interviewed 9/4 and received a call the next day that I was waitlisted. I have given up my spot as I have been accepted to another program, best of luck everyone!
  6. I received the acceptance email today! I will be putting my deposit and accepting my seat, good luck to everyone! I interviewed 9/10 for anyone wondering
  7. hey how are you ? I am applying to pa school as well this cycle and I saw your face on the Morehouse page and maybe another school 🙂 how are you ??

    1. Lilithxp

      I am well how are you! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about anything but yeah I applied to morehouse! It is very close to home 🙂  I have not heard anything from them yet but hopefully soon! 

  8. I have to agree with Kirby219, we don't want to give an advantage to others but everyone was very nice and they tried to make you feel as relaxed as possible. The only downside is having to wait until November to hear about acceptances which is a long time away since we were the first group, best of luck though!
  9. Just received my interview invite for 09/10, best of luck everyone! I submitted and applied 2-4? days after the application opened, I don't remember what day that was lol
  10. I have also been checking this forum to see if someone had received anything but I have not either and am interviewing 8/29! I figured they may have just forgotten about me lol
  11. According to the info session today, there are currently 80 students from this cycle scheduled to interview for 9 spots left in the class. They have 42 people on the waitlist already from last cycle. They mentioned for anyone applying these last few days should wait until next cycle since there are already a lot of students interviewing and they cannot guarantee that your application will even be reviewed. Stakes are definitely high to nail the interview, best of luck everyone!
  12. Correct only a group interview edit: I think it was 45 min total for interview but I had broken that up by 3 people, it could have changed now
  13. I was also invited to interview, best of luck everyone!
  14. It will always be a no if you don't try! Best of luck!
  15. I believe they are non-rolling admissions so as long as you submit before their deadline (sept 1st) you should be okay, someone correct me if I am wrong though lol
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