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  1. it's only the 2nd wave of interviews. they've only accepted 5-8 students so yes there will definitely be more
  2. Yeah..they’ll continue to interview until the class is full, so hang tight. Interviews have only just started!
  3. ? aren't majority of the PA programs today filled by 70-80% women already? irrelevant comment.
  4. Echoing what everyone has said, it's REALLY hard to have a puppy or dog in general. Puppies are nearly impossible if you are alone or have no help/support. They're like kids, truly. They wake up in the middle of the night to potty and need to be taken out hourly in their first few months. I'd recommend waiting a few months until you get settled into your program and you know a little more about what your daily schedule is like.
  5. i think a score below the 50th percentile is just another reason for a program to not accept you, especially if they are strict on their guidelines or explicitly state all scores should be above the 50th percentile. personally i wouldn't risk it, even though there are success stories, and just re-take the exam.
  6. ya, i have already been accepted into another program.. just wanted to keep people updated
  7. none of us really know anything, as we all waited months and were confused about when apps would come out. its wise to assume that unless you get a rejection letter, then you are still in the running. no need to stress about something that hasn't happened officially yet.
  8. i felt the EXACT same way you did ~2 years ago when I got 16 rejections in the first year I applied. I actually got one interview and felt on top of the moon, but i was denied after the interview. i went through serious waves of self doubt, contemplated other medical professions and even applied to a few random programs, but none of them got me as excited or as motivated as PA school did. i completely revamped by application (including my letter of intent, new letters of rec and got a new job) and I received 6 interviews out of the 13 schools I applied to. 2 acceptances so far! don't beat yourself up, it'll happen - just remain confident!
  9. thank you, i know i wasn't a stellar candidate hence why i was waitlisted. i was just asking a question to see what the right thing to do is in these situations.
  10. Hi everyone, I was wondering what the right thing to do is after being placed on the waitlist/alternate list post interview? I have read that you should send a letter of intent to the school stating it's your top choice, why you're a good fit, etc. but I've also heard from people to do nothing and just wait. I don't want to be an overkill with the letter but I do want them to know that I'm really interested in the program and would definitely attend if pulled from the waitlist... any thoughts?
  11. SOO nerve racking! i wonder if you need both interviewers to say "yes" to you in order to get accepted... i connected really well with one of them, but felt this was due to her cheery and outgoing personality. the other interviewer was more to the point and straight and I felt nervous coming out of that one..
  12. Sorry if this has been answered already, but is the class full? Are they still interviewing? I reached out to Naisha asking about the status of my app and she said it's being reviewed currently and has no update..
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