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  1. I did as well but I have to turn it down because I got accepted to another program. Good luck everybody!
  2. Does Lipscomb require GRE? I can't find the requirement information at all. Thanks!
  3. Did anybody in the 7/27 interview here anything yet?
  4. Does anyone know how many applications Adventist received each year? I can't find this information anywhere? Thanks!
  5. Can someone recommend couple of hotels near Bethel University? Also, what is the nearest airport to Bethel? Thank you so much!
  6. I have an interview invite on 9/8 and one of the requirement is -Three letters of recommendation (2 must be from a medical professional, such as a MD, PA or NP. These may include letters uploaded into CASPA). Do I have to request the people that wrote my letter of recommendations to send Bethel the hard copies of letter recommendations? I'm confuse. Thanks!
  7. Hey Rambler88, do you know what's the average HCE of your class? And what does Drexel look for in an applicant?
  8. @Alissa, I was also offered an interview on August 2nd. I'm driving from Atlanta so I might be there late. Are you local? Do you know any good hotels?
  9. Thanks! I'm checking my bank acc everyday to see if my check go through but nothing yet. I'm confuse about the shadowing form... do I need to send in an additional shadowing if it's already listed on Caspa?
  10. When did you apply? I submit my application late May but have not hear anything yet.
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