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  1. No I received the exact same advice. I am feeling defeated as well... I have a masters degree in biology all health related courses with a GPA of 3.6. My undergraduate GPA is 3.3 I doubled majored in biology and chemistry and yes I know that is on the lower side... hence the masters program. I have no pre reqs lower than a B+... and that is only 2 classes the rest are As. Not only did I get a rejection, but I didn't even have a strong enough application for an interview. I have 3,000 health care hours and I am sill working that job with direct patient care. Not sure where to go from here. Western is the only school I am able to apply/attend as I live at home and that is the only commutable school. A little lost as to where to go from here and how to strengthen my app....
  2. Im losing hope as well...still haven't heard anything.
  3. My undergraduate GPA is 3.3, but I have a masters degree in biology (infectious disease) with a cumulative gpa of 3.6. I have over 3500 patient care hours as an EMT and over 3000 as a medical technologist. I have not heard anything back yet, trying to figure out if I am even competitive.
  4. For those getting accepted , do y'all mind posting your stats?
  5. Has anyone been denied yet? I still haven't heard anything, not sure if that is a bad sign!
  6. Congratulations! Do you mind posting your stats to see what they are looking for?
  7. Do you mind sharing your stats? Im just curious where I fall within the submitted applicants! Thank you!
  8. Unfortunately, Western is very specific about their pre reqs. I would say they need developmental or proof that a psych class goes through the development of life. However, if you are planning on applying other places and believe a class may fit you can submit anyway. Or just send them a friendly email they are usually good about replying!
  9. RushSoccer05 congratulations!!! Do you mind posting your stats?!
  10. Anyone on here applying with a Master's degree like me? Just curious how much WMU takes it into consideration. My Masters is in biology with a certificate in infectious disease and my graduate GPA is 3.5
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