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  1. i will be giving up my interview spot for so good luck to whoever gets it!
  2. i got into a PA program with majority of my hours coming from PT aide so it is possible!
  3. if you don't mind me asking how many PCE hours did you accumulate? Also I feel like your GPA is fine. you should just improve your PCE.
  4. I sent my supplemental application on Sept 19 and have not heard back yet. Has anyone heard back from them recently?
  5. There are so many different ways to get HCE. 15,000$ is a lot of money. Maybe you can find a medical assistant job where a certification is not required and they are willing to train. You can also get a job as a physical therapist aide or scribe. Maybe even join a volunteer ambulance corp. Some volunteer ambulance corps will pay for your EMT course as long as you can commit to volunteering for a certain period. If you are not able to commit it is still a lot cheaper than 15,000$. I paid roughly 1000$ for my EMT certification.
  6. Haha I was joking. I am assuming you received a 306 instead of 206. And I would say as long as you received a 50 percentile or higher on each section you should be okay. If you dont mind me asking how did you accumulate your direct patient care hours?
  7. There is your problem you received a 206 on the GRE! Haha
  8. sorry to hear :( if you don't mind me asking did you get rejected after an interview?
  9. I only have the last name of the PA that wrote the LOR in the "notes" section. Do you have any comments in the notes section?
  10. Pace does not require GRE so you do not have to worry about Pace. However, cornell does.
  11. The new cycle has opened on CASPA however, when I tried to pay the 50$ application fee online the entry term is for fall 2016. Isn't it suppose to be for fall 2017? https://webadvisor.monmouth.edu/WebAdvisor/WebAdvisor?CONSTITUENCY=WBAP&type=P&pid=ST-XW35S01A edit: They have fixed the problem and changed it to fall 2017
  12. i would say you're off to a good start. Just make sure your cumulative gpa and science gpa are 3.2+. Also i would recommend getting shadow experience and keep accumulating those HCE hours.
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