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  1. Hello. I am interested and in process of applying for LECOMS APAP program. Any tips regarding their interview? Do they allow you to rotate in your home state? Any info will be much appreciated! Thx..berta


    1. CVTSPA


      For the interview, it's a group interview then you have the option of doing a one-on-one interview with faculty (you should take the one-on-one interview opportunity).   For the group interview portion, they ask a general question to the group then encourage you to discuss within the group.  Say something for most if not all the questions and it looks good if you can mention what other people said in their answers to show you are listening.  Generally, it's a scenario type question.  A favorite is, "You notice that a student is not following the dress code and has showed up late for class.  How do you respond?" (Offer to give them clothes to make them comply with dress code and ask if there is something going on in their personal life so you can help them be on time next time).  You'll find that if you browse SDN forums, you can find most of the interview questions.  Just search for something like "LECOM interview questions" on SDN.

      For the one-on-one interview, the first question is generally something to do with "why is primary care important" type question then a silly question like "What is your spirit animal?" (catatonic goat) or "What super power would you want to have?"  I'm sure you can find good answers to those!

      Presently, APAP students are required to set up all their own rotations so at the moment you can set up rotations wherever you want as long as you do all the paperwork (call the office, send in clearances, provide documentation of medical records, etc).  However, there is talk about giving the APAP students a core site for all their rotations starting with the class of 2021 (the class behind me) since it is technically against the rules to make medical students set up all their own rotations.  So I would expect that LECOM assigns you a hospital (likely one that no one else wants to go to since they generally put APAP students at the bottom of the totem pole) that you are supposed to do all your rotations at except for a single, solitary elective (AKA sub-internship for residency audition).  

      I'm more than happy to answer all your questions and give you tons of info about the program since no one gave me the low down before coming here! However, I have 3 board exams in the next 2 months and plenty of residencies to interview at so if I am slow to respond that is why! 

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