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  1. @sarcher9 Yes she does! :) I went ahead and asked her to just send me an email to make sure she got it, but it seems like they do that by default because I ended up getting 2 emails about it. @Rudeboyirie I think the first mistake you'll make is to ask for people stats, because I promise you I still have no idea how these schools pick and choose applicants and this is my second time applying. I did the same thing and it always made me really anxious when I saw someone I was interviewing with who had better stats than me. If you can look at the websites prereqs and confidently say you fit all or most of the criteria... then apply! I applied to multiple schools 2 yrs in a row and I have only ever had 2 interviews, you can never really know what they want exactly. My two biggest pieces of advice for you... 1. Start your CASPA early!! And I mean before the thing even comes out!! The first year around I was so unprepared for how lengthy the application was and it showed in the quality of my application. So the second time around I compiled EVERYTHING I would need for it. I got all my volunteer, work, certifications, etc compiled together ahead to time and finished my essay before it came out. This allowed me to submit within the first week it was released. I think this saved me quite a bit since most applications are rolling. 2. Stay true to yourself. When it comes to your essay, experience, interview, etc. Don't do everything based on what you THINK schools are looking for. Find your story and your purpose for wanting to be a PA and show your uniqueness. This will allow you to stand out and find the school that is the right fit for you. :) As far as in state bias, I am from Colorado but I saw people from all over the country at my interview. They also show their admissions stats online and from what I remember they have been pretty fair to make sure to accept the same amount of out of state students. Good luck! Hope this helps!
  2. I was in the September 16th group of interviews and was accepted. I just wanted to give out a few words of encouragement and advice to those who are waiting for their interviews. I was able to interview at another school before my CU interview and I realized some significant things that I think really helped me in getting that acceptance. First off, remember that while and interview is a great opportunity for the staff to get to know you, it's also a great time to make sure this school is the right fit. I knew as soon as I walked on campus and met the faculty that this school was the right fit for me. I just felt RIGHT, something I didn't experience in my first interview. My first interview I was so nervous and every response I said felt forced because I knew deep down this wasn't the right school for me. My interview with CU felt amazing! I walked out and felt like I had every opportunity to really show my personality and just felt much more comfortable. Secondly, do not form your responses to something you think that the interviewers want you to say. If you really believe in something, stick to that and express to them why you feel that way. Make sure to share YOUR story, thats what you are there for! Before any of my interviewers, I did some mock interviews and one of the first things they told me was that all of my answers were extremely generic. They in no way expressed what my background was or why I believe what I believe. I dug a little deeper and was able to really express some personal stories. While those are always hard to tell someone you've never met, it can really be the difference between you showing who you are or not! Third, remember that you have an interview and that is a HUGE deal. No matter what happens, you should be so proud that you have made it this far. Thousands of people applied and YOU were chosen! Be confident that your skills, knowledge, and experience are what got you here. Don't compare yourself to any one else!! I wish you all the best of luck!! :)
  3. I unfortunately was rejected as well. I am shocked by the types of candidates they are rejecting this year. I am sorry to those who were rejected as well, but there is hope for other schools so keep your head up! My stats just in case it helps any of you :) Cum Undergraduate GPA- 3.8 Cum Undergraduate Science GPA- 3.7 2,000+ hours of experience as a CNA in a hospital as well as a long term care and rehab facility. Before that I had 2000+ PCP experience visiting peoples homes and assisted living facilities. 30+ hours of Doctor/ PA shadowing experience 60 hours of volunteering experience in an OB department of a hospital. GRE- Verbal: 59th percentile Quantitative: 37th percentile Writing: 80th percentile ( I would say this was my weakest area!) I was rejected to all the schools I applied to last year, so a word of advice would be to just keep your head up and apply to as many programs as financially possible! Its not impossible to make it into this program, I got my undergraduate with a fellow classmate who was accepted. Just know that there is hope and that the school you get into will be the perfect one for you! Good luck on all of your applications and I hope to hear that someone gets an interview soon!
  4. @Kata2016 I hope you got your question answered. Mine said the same thing about 2 months ago, and it turned out to be fine. I emailed the admissions person and she said there was nothing wrong with my LOR. Just turn it in!
  5. Not sure of this either. All I know is that they send out a secondary app to those they are interested in. Its been about a month though, I applied to 9 different schools and they are the only ones I haven't gotten a confirmation email from.
  6. I applied as well. I emailed the school wondering about my application process and they received everything, but I haven't had anything sent to me about residency. I submitted everything about a month ago.
  7. This will be my second time applying! Be sure to apply ASAP. Rolling applications are a huge part of who gets interviews before others. I took a long time to turn in my stuff last year and that really hurt me. Good luck everyone! Colorado is a great place to live!
  8. Good luck to everyone this application cycle! I have 2 friends that just got into Pacific the previous cycle and they love it! It seems like a great program!
  9. Good luck to everyone on this application cycle! I received my supplemental application a couple of weeks ago. When you get it make sure to get it done right away! Rolling applications are not fun, but if you can turn everything in asap you have a better chance!
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