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  1. I'm also a little confused. End-career goal, as in when you are nearing retirement, you'd like to finish out in ED/UC/FM? Or end-career goal as in you'd ultimately like to work long-term in ED/UC/FM? Why not just start out with a position in ED/UC/FM?
  2. LTJG vb315 Graduated PA school this past May, was enlisted under Navy HSCP. Commissioned as an O-2 in July, graduated ODS (Class 19060) in Sep. Just PCS'd to USNH Okinawa, I'll be starting my PA and Navy career here in the ED.
  3. I'm headed to Okinawa, albeit as an active duty Navy PA, after ODS (officer training) this September. Following as a reminder so I can let ya know if I find anything out when I get there.
  4. This thread has me excited to start my career in Military Medicine. I'm headed to Navy ODS in a month, and then I'll be PCSing to Okinawa, Japan for my first 3 years as a PA. I'm nervous, sure, but full of excitement! Thanks for sharing!
  5. That was great! As a new grad PA who plans to practice in primary care, I found it particularly interesting.
  6. For anyone following the thread: I talked to my detailer, and he told me that I'm actually going to Okinawa! He essentially said that he couldn't, in good faith, send me to Iwakuni as a new grad because he knows that I wouldn't get the adequate training that is essential and formative during my early years in practice! I haven't received official orders yet, but he said I should within the next few weeks. I'm looking forward to the adventure and the start of my Navy career.
  7. I'd say it's worth it if you really want to join the Navy. I applied in Dec. 2016, started school in Jan. 2017, and didn't enlist under HSCP until June 2017. It worked for me because 1.) I've always wanted to become a Navy Officer, so I would've accepted regardless 2.) My program is 28 months, so I was already 4 months in, making the 24 month scholarship perfect.
  8. @doubledose I definitely have an open mind about it all! I'm honestly so excited to go anywhere, and the fact that I get the option of Japan is amazing to me. I don't think I ever would have the opportunity otherwise. I graduate in 2 weeks, and take the PANCE on May 21, so I'm just hoping to have orders by the end of May so I can do some logistics/planning. I'll keep you updated on the journey!
  9. @doubledose this is awesome, thank you! I'm definitely the type of person you described above - it's also good to hear that there's a point-of-contact to help get established. My main concern was that I'd be going over without any direction! I haven't gotten orders yet, so it's not official that I'll end up overseas, but I'm already excited for the opportunity!
  10. Took a trip to Montreal, came back down through Vermont. Went to Alchemist to try the infamous Heady Topper! Personally, not the biggest fan, but I do admit that there's a lot of good beer in New England! Was just in Portland, ME, and for a small place, there's lots of great breweries!
  11. I found out via phone call. I believe it was a number from Tennessee that called, they explained that I was an alternate, someone had declined and I was chosen. Made me decide right there on the phone.
  12. @moleashish Thank you so much for the reply! It's been hard getting any information or first-hand accounts, so I do appreciate it. Sounds like PA-S1 is coming along as it should haha, it's non-stop! Keep at it, and good luck, it'll be over before you know it! I just finished my last rotation today, can't believe it's gone by so quickly.
  13. I'm about to graduate from a PA program in CT, and in all of my rotations the PAs have been treated with respect and collegiality from docs, nurses, residents, etc. Tomorrow is my last day of a cardiology elective, and the group I'm rotating with has two PAs and a doc (rotating) that provide inpatient coverage. CT for the most part really does respect PAs and treat them well.
  14. Hi All, I'm an Active Duty Collegiate under Navy HSCP, graduating PA school in May. I haven't received official orders yet, but I'm currently "penciled in" for Branch Clinic, Iwakuni Japan (after ODS, of course). Another option I was given was 1st Medical Battalion, Camp Pendleton, CA. I would love to serve with a Marine Corps unit, but I'm also young and single and think a few years in a different country would be a great opportunity at this point in life. Anyone ever been stationed in Iwakuni (medical or otherwise)? Any advice, things you wish you would've known about Iwakuni or overseas duty stations in general? I would also like to deploy during my time in service and I'm wondering if my time in Japan will limit that (i.e. I'm already OCONUS, thus no chance for deployment). Thanks for the help!
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