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  1. "COLLABORATIVE PRACTICE AND SUPERVISORY AGREEMENTS: Current law authorizes physicians to enter into a collaborative practice agreement with 3 advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) and 3 assistant physicians, and a supervising agreement with 3 licensed physician assistants. This act authorizes physicians to enter into a collaborative practice agreement or a supervising agreement with 6 APRNs, assistant physicians, licensed physician assistants, or any combination thereof." Copied from the "States" section of the website that PACali linked. It's a shame that the legislation still lists
  2. I work in EM and what I use most frequently are EMRA abx guide, MD Calc, UTD, WikEM and OrthoBullets
  3. ' The terms “resident,” “residency,” “fellow,” and “fellowship” in a medical setting must be limited to postgraduate clinical training of medical school physician graduates within GME training programs.' The above is from the joint statement. Does this apply to other such non-physician residents and fellows (dentists, optometrists, pharmacists, etc.) who are pursuing clinical post-graduate training? Or just the ones that they're afraid might take the jobs they're "entitled" to?
  4. Wanted to share that I'm an author on a case report accepted for publication in Annals of Emergency Medicine! It is a case report with accompanied image findings in a patient I saw in the ED with a saddle and sub-massive PE. The report was written with two of my physician colleagues and the plain film shows all of the classic PE findings (Westermark sign, Fleischner sign, Knuckle sign and Hamptom's hump) in one film. It's seldom that some of these signs are seen, let alone all in the same film! Just excited and wanted to share. This is my first publication, and although it's not research,
  5. Hey now, my bar is SILVER, sir! haha I love my corpsmen, couldn't do my job without them! But There are only Two PAs who work in the ED, and our other PA is EM residency trained and older than the docs...I'm young (27) and could easily be mistaken for a corpsman haha
  6. Context: I'm active duty in the Navy. I introduce myself as "Lieutenant JG vb315, one of the PAs here in the ED. I'm the medical provider taking care of you today, what brings you to the emergency department?" Works for me because I start with my rank which lets the patient know I'm a medical officer and not a corpsman haha. I still think a name change is needed. I too wish Clinical Officer would gain traction.
  7. I've never been employed at one, but I did my FM rotation at a place like this is Queens, NY. The patient population was from homeless and domestic violence shelters, and I loved it! They had in-house dental, therapy, social work, health educators - it was awesome to be able to set the patients up with all of those resources. The medical group was 3 docs, a PA and an NP. The PA had her own clinic at a satellite site and was there with a nurse and MA every Monday and Friday, so she had a great amount of autonomy (she previously worked in pediatrics for 4 years). Each provider had their own
  8. Sounds like a great job! They definitely take advantage of the new grads who want to move to the city. Another one of my close friends from PA school took a job in Jersey City (or somewhere close) as a NICU PA and she started at 110k. I don't know the specifics of either of my friends' daily schedules, call, etc, and the salary figure isn't the end-all.
  9. A few of my classmates took jobs with NYP after we graduated last year. One of my close friends started at 100k in ortho-spine, which was originally supposed to be 95k but it got bumped up just before she started.
  10. Are you working for a CRO? I used to work at a CRO before PA school and the medical group was 2 PAs and 2 physicians and this describes the job exactly. Did you wind up taking the job? How'd you find it?
  11. Thanks, EMED! One of my physician colleagues said he'd only seen it once before, so I thought it was interesting to see
  12. I'm a new grad and I work fast track - had a patient, on my first ever shift, triaged with "sore throat". At first glance, I knew it wasn't sore throat - she had trismus and was ttp in the floor of the mouth - neck CT showed a 4cm sublingual abscess and multiple abscesses extending to the hyoid bone. No recent dental work, no medical history. And that was my first ever consult, which I made to ENT haha
  13. I'm also a little confused. End-career goal, as in when you are nearing retirement, you'd like to finish out in ED/UC/FM? Or end-career goal as in you'd ultimately like to work long-term in ED/UC/FM? Why not just start out with a position in ED/UC/FM?
  14. LTJG vb315 Graduated PA school this past May, was enlisted under Navy HSCP. Commissioned as an O-2 in July, graduated ODS (Class 19060) in Sep. Just PCS'd to USNH Okinawa, I'll be starting my PA and Navy career here in the ED.
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