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  1. vb315

    CME Funding

    What's typical for CME funding in the military, specifically Navy if anyone has details? Is there money allotted to you for attending conferences and things? Thanks!
  2. vb315


    I'd say you'd still have a chance, especially since the new FY started Oct. 1. I submitted my package in Jan of 2017 (when I started in July 2016) and was still ultimately selected. During the FY I applied, I think there were 17 slots for HSCP across all disciplines. Talk with the recruiter and see if you can find out the number of slots, that may help you gauge your chances.
  3. vb315

    20 years... does it ever happen?

    Would you be willing to elaborate on your reasons for separating? I'm a PA-S2 on Navy HSCP and as we move closer to graduation, I'm trying to get a sense of the good and bad of being a Navy PA (especially without any prior service). In my head, I imagine myself enjoying it, it's been a lifelong dream to become a Navy officer. But, having never been there, I have no idea.
  4. How long until NPs are the collaborating docs for PAs and delegate to them to practice medicine? (They are doctors after all)
  5. vb315


    I''m not too sure if that's the case, but it makes sense. Most students start in August (with some in January, like I did and you may), so it makes sense that they would graduate in Spring 2021. Maybe you can have them work with you since you'll be graduating in December.
  6. As a student halfway through clinical year, this sounds great! My program has a course like this that we take our last 6 weeks before graduation and I've heard from past graduates that it helps!
  7. vb315


    I'm not sure if I understand your question.If you want to apply for HSCP/HPSP this coming fiscal year (FY 19, starting Oct. 1 2018), then make that apparent to the recruiter. There are X amount of slots available for HSCP/HPSP every fiscal year, as long as there are slots available, the recruiter will work with you. When I applied in FY17, there were 14 HSCP slots and 0-1 HPSP.
  8. vb315


    I'm currently in my FM rotation, and from time to time I'll flip the rooms after we see a pt. The head MA came to me and told me to stop because that's the MAs job and to come let her know if they weren't getting it done.
  9. Her aFib? Would the decrease in serum calcium put her at higher risk for a serious arrythmia?
  10. Well she has a variant of MD that affects smooth muscle, such as in the esophagus, so it's probably not a good idea for her to take bisphosphonates orally. Plus, she might not be able to sit/stand upright without help.
  11. Here in CT there's an awesome brewery named "Two Roads" after this poem. Great poem, great beer, great advice haha
  12. A little off-topic, but I saw a pt this week (on rotations), who had her occupation listed as "Physician Assistant" on her demographic form. I was making small talk and asked her about it, and it turns out she's an MA....not a PA. Her uncle is a family doc and she works at his clinic where she assists him, thus she called herself a Physician Assistant....words definitely matter.
  13. vb315

    Student loan debt

    Everyone always mentions this book, but what's the actual title? I have 100k+ in student loans (undergrad and current PA program) so I'm guessing it's a must for me at this point haha
  14. vb315

    Anyone at Walter Reed?

    Thanks HM2toPA! I interviewed there with a CDR who was in charge of a pulm clinic, and she was a PA. I hope there's more than just her haha. My recruiter is an MSC officer in hospital administration and he recently was assigned to Walter Reed, I'll look to him for more info. Thanks again, I'll post an update if I get any info!
  15. vb315

    HSCP Navy Applications

    Congrats! I'm at the University of Bridgeport in CT. I interviewed and was accepted in July, 2016, which is early in the year. It's probably because the class started in Jan 2017. so they had to have acceptances out early. I was wait-listed at my top choice (Stony Brook) so I jumped at UB because I had the opportunity, and couldn't pass, not knowing if I'd get into Stony Brook. Good thing I did because I never got off the wait-list at Stony Brook haha

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