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  1. Hi All, I'm an Active Duty Collegiate under Navy HSCP, graduating PA school in May. I haven't received official orders yet, but I'm currently "penciled in" for Branch Clinic, Iwakuni Japan (after ODS, of course). Another option I was given was 1st Medical Battalion, Camp Pendleton, CA. I would love to serve with a Marine Corps unit, but I'm also young and single and think a few years in a different country would be a great opportunity at this point in life. Anyone ever been stationed in Iwakuni (medical or otherwise)? Any advice, things you wish you would've known about Iwakuni or overseas duty stations in general? I would also like to deploy during my time in service and I'm wondering if my time in Japan will limit that (i.e. I'm already OCONUS, thus no chance for deployment). Thanks for the help!
  2. vb315

    Who is in/finished LMU DMS?

    Still a PA student, but I just took a look at the curriculum and it looks like a great program! Actual clinical correlation and knowledge, no fluff.
  3. @Joelseff we had a lecturer come speak to us a few times on HIV Medicine. His name was Gary Spinner and he was an HIV specialist through AAHIVM, I thought it was awesome!
  4. @rev ronin I was hoping for your reply! Your post in the North Dakota OTP thread was my inspiration for asking this question. I've actually done some research on @jmj11 because I love learning of PAs pushing the boundaries, and he's a legend haha. But I guess only time can tell if PA-level endorsements become reality. Although there is a long list of other areas that PAs need to focus their attention, do you think this is on that list?
  5. With the exciting times the PA profession is headed towards (name change, OTP, etc.), do you ever think PAs will have the opportunity to receive board recognition? For instance, FM PAs being recognized by the ABFM, EM PAs being recognized by ABEM, etc. I know PAs are trained as generalists, but for those who have gained a certain level of expertise in their field, a board recognition/certification is a way to demonstrate that to the public. Thoughts?
  6. If no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
  7. The problem with this is creating enough spots and enough funding.
  8. Currently on my EM rotation at the Bridgeport Hospital ED. I've noticed the physician residents because they wear recognizable scrubs...didn't know there were PA residents! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for the PA residents!
  9. vb315

    Major required for PA school?�

    brooks summed it up - any bachelor's degree will do, just need the pre-reqs. My roommate and PA classmate has a degree in fine arts.
  10. vb315

    Pulmonary angiography

    During my FM rotation, I had a pt with a BMI of 74 who came in for her annual visit. Her BP and labs were perfect, only complaint was knee pain. Then you see people who are in great physical shape but with abnormal labs and health conditions... I don't get it.
  11. vb315

    2018 HSCP Applicant

    PM'ed you
  12. Saw a job-posting today for a Family Med PA/NP and this was the overview: "May provides general medical and/or surgical care and treatment to patients in a medical setting (office, telemedicine, hospital, Urgent Care, LTC, or Clinic) in collaboration with physician(s) for APRNs where dictated, or under the supervision of the physician(s) for a Physician’s Assistant. *sigh*
  13. vb315

    CME Funding

    What's typical for CME funding in the military, specifically Navy if anyone has details? Is there money allotted to you for attending conferences and things? Thanks!
  14. vb315


    I'd say you'd still have a chance, especially since the new FY started Oct. 1. I submitted my package in Jan of 2017 (when I started in July 2016) and was still ultimately selected. During the FY I applied, I think there were 17 slots for HSCP across all disciplines. Talk with the recruiter and see if you can find out the number of slots, that may help you gauge your chances.

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