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  1. Dear participants of the Cuny York College PA Program, make sure that you've checked out all the necessary requirements for 2016 program, if not, please visit this page and devote 30 minutes of your life evaluating your possibilities. Thank you!
  2. Become a part of Gannon University PA program now! You can find out more about the requirements needed to successfully apply for Gannon University Physician Assistant program, including high school background, grades, academic requirements and a lot more. Definitely worth watching it!
  3. Any suggestions on that as well : How quickly does irreversible injury occur with compartment syndrome?
  4. I used not to implement sedatives on children years ago, it was just 4th year of work, and now it is pretty terrible to me to even think of that. We should definitely use some light sedatives. Now, I tend to use more Ketamine. Have no issues with it by far.
  5. Hey! Recently, I've found interesting article concerning rare medical conditions, and there was one really unique one, it is called "Pathological generosity". What do you guys think about that? Rare disease or psychiatric disorder?
  6. Well, i just bought my Littmann Cardiology 4, and.. so far the difference is not that great actually. But, there are a few things that actually differ it from previous generation and it's probably because I just bought it and it's brand new, who knows. So, for me, the main difference is that the higher frequencies, are actually more hearable, don't know how and why, but it is so. Also, it auscultates heart and lung sounds slightly better than Cardiology 3. So, I guess if you want to spend that extra money on higher quality piece, it is worth it.
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