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  1. KitKat, I flew Southwest out of Midway into Raleigh. Then uberd to lillington. I was lucky to find a very cheap flight but Raleigh Durham airport is the closest to Campbell so that is most likely the route to take. Anything else I can help with? :) Best of luck!
  2. I believe it means that they are putting you "on hold" essentially. They will do more interviewing and then look back at their notes and your application and then decide from there. Or at least that is what I remember them touching on at the interview day. I hope this helps. Good luck!
  3. Yays! I hoped so! I really loved the program, faculty and staff! I'll drop in again once it's 100%!
  4. Guys! I just got back home to Chicago and I had a voicemail from Kate Thomas! She said she has info regarding my admissions status. I tried to call back but it's past office hours. We will talk tomorrow. But does this probably point to an acceptance?! Would she call to reject or wait list me?!?!?!
  5. Thank you very much! When you say it is not for everyone, do you mean that some students do poorly with PBL or fail out? Or do those people get used to it over time and adjust? I enjoyed the interview and enjoyed watching the first years in their PBL groups, and the mock PBL session we did was cool, but the limited amount of exposure to PBL that I had is still not enough for me to full decide whether the full PBL curriculum is for me or not.
  6. How was the interview? Could you explain some of the details of the day? Likes/dislikes? Overall thoughts?
  7. How were the interviews?! Were you the dual degree or just the PA degree?
  8. Yes we will, but maybe some of the other interviewees can answer our question!
  9. I wasn't sure if that info would be included in the additional info to come once and after we RSVP
  10. At two of the interviews I've been at previosuly we've had meet and greet dinners the night prior set up by the program and current students. Is that the case at Campbell?
  11. Does anyone know how many interview dates there will be and how many students will be selected? (Is September 9th going to be the third interview day?)
  12. How was the interview?!?! Could you elaborate on the experience or the interview process? Did you like it alot?
  13. How did you that interviewed and who were already accepted like the school? Faculty? Town/city and overall feel? Facilities? Were you given a estimated total cost of attendance? Including cost of living and those kind of expenses? I'm trying to get as much info as possible. Thanks!
  14. Does anyone have any deeper info regarding the program? Or has anyone heard from friends or other who are in the program or who have already graduated? Good experiences? Faculty? Curriculum? Total cost of attendance? I am trying to get as much info as possible. Thanks!
  15. For anybody who is currently in the program or graduated- what was the experience like. How is it/was it? Good experiences or bad? What was the curriculum - PBL or traditional lectures? Do you/ did you feel prepared for the future? How is the faculty? Estimated cost of attendance/ tuition? I just received an offer to an interview for this current cycle and I'm deciding what to do since I already was accepted to an instate program. Thanks everyone! I welcome all info! :)
  16. For any of you who are in the program currently, how is it going?! How is the curriculum? Is it traditional lecture or PBL? Good experiences/bad? I just received an interview offer for this current cycle and I am trying to decide what to do since I have already been accepted into a instate program. What is the tuition or estimated cost of attendance? Thanks!
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