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  1. Good luck to all waitlist people. Keep your hopes up! It took awhile for them to release rank, but i think Covid messed things up. I was waitlist #5 and got in
  2. Hey Madison, Too be honest, if i were to go back and look at my personal statement it was too personal if that makes sense. I think its important to distill what makes you unique interesting but dont let it get you stuck in the weeds. Let it shows your uniqueness and strengths but not toooo invested if that makes sense. As far as what to ask, haha. The million dollar question. Ask the question you find important. Places to vist/live. Rotation placements, PANCE pass rate, graduation rate, those sounds like lame things to ask about but they are important. I think wingate does an amazing job at all of those things. Other than lacking Division 1 Football (coming from Big 12 school) i loved my time there. P.S. i volunteered at 3-4 Wingate football games. Texas boy can't resist football xD what can i say! I'm in orthopedics/trauma atm
  3. KRushin

    UC and EM leads

    There are still a ton of jobs, definitely not a shortage... but I guess they aren't considering new grads anymore for whatever reason. After lots of stress and uncertainty, I accepted an Ortho position near my hometown with an amazing group who has only taken new grads and trained them up. They are open with moonlighting as long as it doesn't affect the current job. I'll probably look to do PRN UC in 6+ months after I get my feet wet and learn how to PA decently.
  4. KRushin

    UC and EM leads

    Still applying, I've kinda broadened my search to include orthopedics (my experience before PA school). I've gotten quite a few interviews for orthopedics but was really hoping to do UC/EM (stay general for a while). I think I may do UC/EM PRN after I get my feet established. Unfortunately, unless you know someone, new grads are not really being considered for UC/EM positions it seems like. I've only gotten 1 call back and 1 interview from all the UC/EM positions I've applied to in Texas (50-60+ over last 2-3 months). Still staying optimistic but maybe this is a sign ortho was just meant for me, haha.
  5. KRushin

    UC and EM leads

    If there is any good news, My school used a case logging system for every patient was saw (ICD/CPT codes with competencies such as suturing, joint injection, I&D). So as long as they accept them from PA school, I should be alright. I hope all those hours on hours logging on Typhon weren't for nothing, haha.
  6. KRushin

    UC and EM leads

    Thanks, I have started doing that aswell Hoping for the best.
  7. KRushin

    UC and EM leads

    Hello everyone! I know this is a little bit of a reach. But the community has been quite amazing over the years and I was curious if anyone had any leads on EM/UC jobs in Texas. I interviewed for the Baylor EM fellowship but unfortunately wasn't selected. I've applied to countless positions and talked to numerous recruiters over the last two months with limited success. I know its pretty tough as a new grad and as expected the lack of experience is the greatest barrier ( -_- ). I'm not picky about where I work or anything, I'm just ready to hit the ground running and start working. Open to really any location, type (Temp, Locum, Perm) and hours (yay, being single?!). Thanks y'all are the best!
  8. 1. It was mentioned that some core rotations (varying the past few years) are "of-need," i.e. we may have to schedule them on our own? Has this been the case, and if so how has this affected your overall rotation experience/end-of-rotation prep etc.? You don't have to worry about scheduling them. All of my rotations were done for me. "of-need" meant that there was limited number of sites. Womens health is notoriously hard for taking students for obvious reasons. What it means is, because there is limited women's health they usually guarantee one "away" rotation (outside of Charlotte area). For example, my roommate went to Ahoskie, NC for his away rotation. I don't feel it affected my education, only finances but they tell you well in advance so you can budget accordingly. All other of my 9 rotations were within 30-40 miles of my apartment in Charlotte. 2. Tuition is listed at $11,600 per trimester; is this to be interpreted as 3 billings of $11,600 per 12 months (fall/spring/summer)? Correct, that sounds about right. Tuition for 3 semesters for our class was ~$32,000 (Fall/Spring/Summer). So there will be a total of 7 semesters for wingate program 3. What are the state of procedural rooms, OSCE prep rooms etc.? We received a tour of the building, but we didn't get a complete picture of the state of the facilities used for procedural training. Not sure what to say here. The building is pretty new, so they are in great condition? The 6 patient exam rooms are what used in Patient Assessment/OSCE tests (individual rooms), they mirror what you see in practice. The patient assessment "class" is held on top floor with ~25 exam tables and that is where you practice, but you can use the individual rooms for practice whenever you want. As for procedural training its held in the anatomy lab/across the hall from the lecture hall. On top of having anatomy in there, you will later learn casting/splinting/suturing/IV placement/shots Hope that helps let me know if you have any other questions
  9. I tried but never got a call back, but to be fair my GPA was not very competititve. Don't put all your eggs in one basket apply all over! I applied to almost all the Texas schools and a few outside of Texas and ended up getting into one outside the state. PA school was first time i lived outside the state
  10. 1. As of now, there are 10 total rotations, 5 weeks each. 1 of each: General Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Inpatient Internal medicine (hospitalist), Women's health, Psychiatry, Pediatrics 2 of either: Family medicine, Urgent care, outpatient internal medicine 2 electives - There are tons to pick from. We have quite a bit of connections in Charlotte area. 2. Personally, I don't think it is. Plus we have the option to go to a local medical examiner, who is pretty awesome, and see autopsies (if they have any on Fridays). While not quite the same as cadaver lab, you get to see quite a bit of the important stuff. 3. ~90% of the time, classes are taught at the main campus. So they taught so infrequently up there, I really didn't notice any difference. If you don't have good self-discipline (browsing facebook, or what not) then it may hinder your learning, but you could do that with the professor in front of you on the main campus.
  11. 1. Between all the specialties (ER, internal medicine, and electives) our school utilizes them all (so all of the Atrium (CHS) and Novant hospitals). However, the main Level 1 and then Level 2 hospital near central Charlotte (CHS main / Presby main) typically PA students only do Internal medicine and electives there. CHS Main ED (level 1 trauma center) typically is full with Medical students so PA students usually aren't in the ER there. They typically match you with the hospital closest to where you live in Charlotte. I live in Matthews (southwest Charlotte) so I was at the hospitals in South and west side. Hospitals I am (was) at: Inpatient Internal Medicine: CHS Union Orthopedic Surgery ( CHS Union, and Novant Presby main/Matthews) General Surgery: Piedmont Medical Center Emergency Medicine: CHS Stanley So all of the hospitals I was at were in south or west of Charlotte 2. Pretty much every specialty and most subspecialties?. I have a list of various specialities people have done that our program has done (if you want me to message it to you). I did Sports medicine, and Orthopedic Surgery. This is one strength of our program, we have lots of connections with Charlotte area. 3. Hmmm that's hard, haha. It's hard to say cause I have only been apart of one program ^_^. But I would say the two greatest strengths (maybe not unique), the quality ( and location) of rotations is top notch. No worrying about living out of a hotel during your clinical rotations is nice. The next would be how well the school/faculty prepare you for rotations/boards. They push you to be the best PA possible and it shows. Last 3 classes have had 100% first-time PANCE pass rate. In the last two years at AAPA National conference, our program has beat most of the NC PA schools in the Challenge bowl (including Duke ^_^). So i feel they are doing something right, and i feel confident in how they have prepared me, and not worried when it comes to the PANCE ?. Hope this helps, and I'll try to think of something I know is unique ^_^ and post it.
  12. I have lived in Matthews my entire time (I have loved it). I don't mind the 35-45 minute commute, but if you hate commuting/driving then you may want to live closer. My diadactic year, I'd say 1/2 of the class lived in Wingate, or Monroe (~15 minutes) but almost everyone moves to closer to charlotte once they are on rotations.
  13. System based approach (Clinical med: Pulmonary disease, Pharmacy: pulmonary drugs, Pathophysiology: Pulmonary, Patient assesment: Cardio/pulmonary ). No cadavers, just anatomy lab with models, and electronic models/simulations. I have used cadavers in the past, and while they are nice to have, personally, I don't think they are a deal breaker. But the awesome thing is we have agreement with one of the local medical examiners and on Fridays if there are any autopsy you have an opportunity to go see autopsies that day!
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