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  1. Does anyone know when the class list will go out or when a facebook page will be made?
  2. I spoke with them about this recently. During our core rotations you can set up your elective out of state and possibly one other... and you can also do it during the last 6 weeks of the extra 6 months of specialized rotations
  3. Just emailed Ms. Jefferson to give up my seat. Hopefully this is good new for someone, good luck everybody!
  4. I haven't seen one. If anyone makes it or finds it post it here!
  5. I just got an email with an offer of acceptance!! I was at the 8/19 interview!!
  6. Has anyone from ANY interview received a rejection? They told us we'd hear back within a few weeks for a rejection but I have a feeling they're going to wait until the very end to send them all.
  7. For those of you who were called yesterday, were you in the morning or afternoon session? and congrats!
  8. Anyone from the 9/17 interview hear anything today? I know they said we could hear about both acceptances and denials as early as today
  9. I was now able to create an account from the link they provided. Scheduled for 9/19!
  10. Just got the invite today as well! Were you able to log in to select the date? It's saying my ,login is incorrect
  11. Has anyone else from the July or August interview heard anything else? Still haven't received any notification (assuming it's not a good thing)
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