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  1. Has anyone applied with GRE score pending? I submitted my app last Friday, but my GRE is not until next Monday. Do they typically just put your app on hold?
  2. I actually don't see La Verne on CASPA this cycle. Must be because the accepted students from the past cycle were guaranteed seats. I'm one of waitlisted/alternate students and I was informed that we'll be kept on the waitlist for next cycle too. :)
  3. Has anyone received a call for an interview invite yet?
  4. I'm on the alternate list and haven't gotten any seat offers yet. Crossing fingers though!!
  5. Congrats to everyone that's been accepted! Looking forward to hopefully joining you guys ;) I was placed on the alternate list, as well. I wonder how many people are on alternate and how the movement will be like. Has anyone gotten more information about the alternate list??
  6. According to Alexis, this information session is specifically for students that didn't get in. It's not going to be a general information session.
  7. Same here!! I'm going for Feb 17. Did you get the same date?
  8. Has anyone received anything yet? I'm applying this cycle!
  9. Hey NeuroPA2! Great to know that we're in the same boat. Good luck to us!
  10. Has anyone else not received anything yet? I was part of the first interview group in November and was notified that I'm under active consideration pending the interview last December. I know a lot of you guys have heard back but I'm wondering if there's anyone else who hasn't besides me? No news is better news, but this anticipation is killing me!
  11. I wore heels on the Friday occasion and my feet already hurt after 2 hours, so I wore comfortable pointed flats on the actual interview day. I'm so glad I did because there was a lot of walking! The interviews were spread throughout the day, so it's nice to not have to worry about feet pain :)
  12. I was also placed under "active consideration." I wonder how many they have given acceptances to?
  13. Thanks winniethepooh! I'm from NV, so I'm really looking forward for this new PA school! Here's my timeline: App submitted 6/8 Verified 6/27 Secondary app invite 7/22 Secondary submitted a few days later Interview invite 9/14 Interview scheduled for 11/4-5 Have you heard from this school yet? I wish you luck too!!
  14. Hey everyone! I received a packet containing the interview details by mail yesterday. There's going to be a group and an individual interview, plus an essay that we'll have to write there. I'm so excited but nervous at the same time!
  15. To everyone that's received an invite, around when are the interviews being offered?
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