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  1. my dog is great emotional support and I dont think I could do it without her happy self greeting me when i get home. whether you can handle it depends on your situation and time management. I have a dog who is ok without exercise every day. That said, she also runs with me so I can exercise and get her exercise at the same time. I also live close to school so I am able to come home at lunch and walk her. A lot of people in my class have their dogs and its fine. Dont let people scare you into thinking PA school will take away your entire life. It is hard but if you can manage your time and stay on top of class you can still exercise/cook/watch tv like a normal person. You just have to be able to squeeze it in where you can!
  2. I had one teacher, one PA (who I shadowed), and the RN who supervised me. I think most, if they specify usually require one PA letter. I talked to the PA a lot about my goals, determination, asked a lot of questions, etc so that she was able to talk about that in my letter (since she didn't know me super well).
  3. I think your hours are fine... might depend on the school but we have 2 or 3 previous PT aides in our class. I was a CNA and actually felt the opposite of wildPAbrendan- I used a supervisor for a letter but he was an RN and nurses were the main coworkers I built relationships with. I found PAs to shadow and write letters based on mutual friends.
  4. I would suggest having others read your essay. I am a current PA-S, on break so if you want I would be willing to give pointers. I feel that my essay really strengthened my app- I was a below average applicant and got 8/14 interviews. Also, make sure you are applying to the right programs. So many spend years applying because they want Duke... yes it is a great school but any school that is accredited with good PANCE rates will make you a PA at the end of the day. You will get a vibe wherever you interview as to if its right for you.
  5. Everyone on this forum is generally pretty pessimistic but I think you have a great shot! The only thing is how many shadow hours do you have? I think you want to have a good answer of why you're sure PA is for you, since you explored PT and ended up not wanting to to it. If I were you, I would go ahead and apply this may assuming you have good relationships formed for references. Applying is really about finding a good fit program, and I think that your stats are good enough to get you in. Unless you want to go to a "top tier" school.
  6. I totally agree with the above! For reference, I had a similar GPA (lower, actually), fewer hours, and letters from similar positions (however I believe mine were strong). I was accepted to 2 schools, and offered interviews at 8/12 applied to (only attended 2). I did apply early (mid May) and had a strong PS. It could also be partly not applying to the right schools...different programs look for different things (I applied to more holistic ones bc I had lower GPA & hours, but good essay, volunteering, etc).
  7. Based on the facebook group, i'd say at least 50 or 55 seats are filled (i think there are 70 total).
  8. Got one too but accepted elsewhere so hopefully someone else can take my spot!
  9. Undergrad Ed School: UNC Chapel Hill Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.47 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.2 Age at application time : 21 Attempt: first time GRE: 323 (81% V, 94% Q, 85% A) Direct Patient Care : CNA ~600 hours Extracurricular/Research Activities: Volunteer/Leader in ARCC, at hospital, and at a camp ​LOR: PA, MD, Clinical Supervisor, teacher Shadow: ~40 hours Schools Applied: 14 Application Submitted Date: May 18 2016 Interview Invites: Wingate, University of Charleston, Baylor, Keiser, South University Savannah, NOVA Ft Myers, Methodist Denied: Texas Tech, UTSW, St Catherine's, UAB Accepted: South University (top choice), University of Charleston Attending: South University! Thought I would share my stats this for those who aren't sure if they will get in. I did a lot of research and found programs that felt would look at me as a whole rather than my numbers. I think my personal statement and letters of recommendation showed my dedication and that's what landed me interviews...and applying early!!
  10. Does anyone have access to the 2017 academic calendar? Start dates/breaks/etc?
  11. I got the call that I was accepted! Hope you all get good news also:)
  12. Has anyone from the August 2/3 group heard anything? I know they said anytime Friday but I can't stop watching my phone hopefully!
  13. Congrats! Anyone have an idea how many seats have been filled?
  14. Loved the program as well! We have a long wait ahead of us. Good luck to those with interviews coming up!
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