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  1. my dog is great emotional support and I dont think I could do it without her happy self greeting me when i get home. whether you can handle it depends on your situation and time management. I have a dog who is ok without exercise every day. That said, she also runs with me so I can exercise and get her exercise at the same time. I also live close to school so I am able to come home at lunch and walk her. A lot of people in my class have their dogs and its fine. Dont let people scare you into thinking PA school will take away your entire life. It is hard but if you can manage your time and stay on top of class you can still exercise/cook/watch tv like a normal person. You just have to be able to squeeze it in where you can!
  2. I had one teacher, one PA (who I shadowed), and the RN who supervised me. I think most, if they specify usually require one PA letter. I talked to the PA a lot about my goals, determination, asked a lot of questions, etc so that she was able to talk about that in my letter (since she didn't know me super well).
  3. I think your hours are fine... might depend on the school but we have 2 or 3 previous PT aides in our class. I was a CNA and actually felt the opposite of wildPAbrendan- I used a supervisor for a letter but he was an RN and nurses were the main coworkers I built relationships with. I found PAs to shadow and write letters based on mutual friends.
  4. I would suggest having others read your essay. I am a current PA-S, on break so if you want I would be willing to give pointers. I feel that my essay really strengthened my app- I was a below average applicant and got 8/14 interviews. Also, make sure you are applying to the right programs. So many spend years applying because they want Duke... yes it is a great school but any school that is accredited with good PANCE rates will make you a PA at the end of the day. You will get a vibe wherever you interview as to if its right for you.
  5. Everyone on this forum is generally pretty pessimistic but I think you have a great shot! The only thing is how many shadow hours do you have? I think you want to have a good answer of why you're sure PA is for you, since you explored PT and ended up not wanting to to it. If I were you, I would go ahead and apply this may assuming you have good relationships formed for references. Applying is really about finding a good fit program, and I think that your stats are good enough to get you in. Unless you want to go to a "top tier" school.
  6. I totally agree with the above! For reference, I had a similar GPA (lower, actually), fewer hours, and letters from similar positions (however I believe mine were strong). I was accepted to 2 schools, and offered interviews at 8/12 applied to (only attended 2). I did apply early (mid May) and had a strong PS. It could also be partly not applying to the right schools...different programs look for different things (I applied to more holistic ones bc I had lower GPA & hours, but good essay, volunteering, etc).
  7. thanks for the input! apple has hefty prices but at least I know their products last. do you think the 9.7 inch would be small enough to bring around?
  8. I will be starting school in Jan and many students in my program have said the instructors teach off powerpoints. I have a laptop, but want to purchase a tablet so I can physically write on top of the ppt without printing and losing a million sheets. Anyone have recommendations??
  9. Okay, I have a few different pointers. Not trying to tear this essay apart, but I think it is fairly weak as a personal statement. I personally feel that many, many, MANY personal statements used are emergency moments that give the applicant an "ah- ha" moment for wanting to pursue medicine/PA school. I have heard this is typically frowned upon because 1) it's unrealistic and usually untrue and 2) doesn't prove that you have thought through this pathway. I agree with lddlellis on this one-this part sounds like a research essay. I think this is valuable but needs to be re-worked. It is important to use examples to show that you have an understanding of the PA profession. However, it is wordy and over exaggerated. First paragraph is good. Second paragraph is a week conclusion IMO. I think it should be a summary of your reasons for wanting to pursue PA and experiences which have prepared you (both school and work)....which I think you need to write because it currently is not in your essay. I'm sorry if these pointers seem harsh, take them as you will. I am not a PA yet but applied this year and got 6 interviews so I think my PS was decent. Methodist University gives some tips for the personal statement which helped me immensely (http://www.methodist.edu/personal-statement). It is also important to add that although your stats are good, a lot of success in applying varies on WHERE you apply. Good Luck and I hope you get some interviews!!
  10. I think you definitely have a shot the next cycle if you are smart applying. Based on these forums, I thought I didn't stand a chance but did a lot of research and found programs that I was a good fit for....You can see my stats on the applicant stats page (I also went to UNC). If you can afford it, I think it is worth applying the next cycle but submit early!
  11. Based on the facebook group, i'd say at least 50 or 55 seats are filled (i think there are 70 total).
  12. I was also a really similar applicant as you, statistic-wise. Feel free to see my stats on the applicant stats page ( I was offered interviews at south-savannah, nova-ft myers, keiser, methodist, wingate, and university of charleston this cycle). I agree that it definitely matters where you want to go (i.e. it will take a lot more to be competitive at Duke but you have probably a shot at some of the ones interested in me). Also I submitted my app early.
  13. Got one too but accepted elsewhere so hopefully someone else can take my spot!
  14. I am not from California, but personally experienced the same 6 month req...I worked at a nursing facility for ~8 months part time in school and then got a hospital position. Not sure how long your CNA course is, but some hospitals I looked at accepted that as experience.
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