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  1. I will be declining my interview invitation. Hopefully this opens up an interview spot for someone else!
  2. Just got the phone call too!! I was so surprised
  3. I got the email today saying that they were still reviewing my application and I'd hear back in 2 weeks. My applications verified 5/15 and confirmation from OHSU of receipt on 5/30
  4. I withdrew my application for July 18-19. Hopefully it opens a spot for someone else !
  5. Accepted :) Congrats to those who have been accepted! And good luck to those still waiting. I know you'll hear some good news :)
  6. It was so nice to connect with everyone this week! Such a great interview process. I hope we all hear good news!
  7. They offered me the first interview group for july 7th but I have another interview so I'll be there for the july 14th interview
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