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  1. I'm going for my SC license interview next week. Could you tell me what the interview is like?
  2. Currently I have a temporary SC license. In order for it to become permanent, I have to go through an interview. Does anyone know what this interview is like? I want to be prepared for it but I'm not sure what exactly it will be about.
  3. As a new grad, am I supposed to get a job first or get the license first? When trying to get a job, they ask if I already have my license because otherwise I can't apply. And when applying for a license, they ask for a supervising physician, which I don't have because I haven't gotten a job yet. The supervising physician is responsible for all aspects of the physician assistant’s practice. The supervising physician shall identify the physician assistant’s scope of practice and determine the delegation of medical tasks. Supervision must be continuous but must not be construed as necessarily
  4. Does anyone know if it is possible to apply for a license in multiple states? I recently passed my boards but I am not sure of where I will be working yet since I have gotten offers from a few places in different states. I know it take a while for the license to be processed so I didn't want to delay getting it after I find the job.
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