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  1. I withdrew my acceptance due to an acceptance at another program, hope this helps someone on the waitlist! Best of luck to you all
  2. not yet! we probably won’t hear til next week sometime
  3. I was accepted in September but i gave up my spot in the program due to a different acceptance. Hope this helps one of you on the waitlist!
  4. I got accepted on 11/4 from the 10/25 interview, has anyone else accepted their seat? Excited to meet those who have!
  5. Anyone who was accepted need a roommate? I’m coming from out of state so I don’t know anyone yet!
  6. I got an interview invite for october 25, but had to reschedule since i have a diff interview that same day. So i’m interviewing november 8 now.
  7. It was very relaxed! The writing sample was short and nothing to fret about. I know it’s cliche, but just go in there and be yourself! They just want to have a conversation with you and get to know you.
  8. I just got my acceptance call!! I can’t believe it I’m so excited!!!!
  9. Has anyone heard anything that interviewed on friday (9/13)?
  10. Anyone who has already interviewed have any insight/tips? Congrats to those who have already been accepted!
  11. Yesterday I got an email with an interview invite for september 13!
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