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  1. 2019 update: got into my first choice CA school very well known final stats: gpa up to a 3.6; ~2000 hours; charity organization; 5,000+ hours volunteer work/ coaching there is still hope yall if you have a low gpa! I got mine up from a 3.1 to a 3.6 over 140 units age: 24 DM me if you have any questions!
  2. Looking to borrow a rosh account for a week please and thank you! Willing to pay if needed!!
  3. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knows of schools that accepts the better grade of retakes instead of average?
  4. I just graduated with my BS in cellular and molecular biology and just found out that my CASPA gpa will be a lot lower than what I had expect. So the breakdown of all my units goes like this: A: 102.5 units A-: 20 units B+: 4 units B: 25.5 units B-: 15 units
  5. thank you! and yes now that I am more knowledgeable about those programs, my best bet is USC. I for sure think I can get in maybe not this cycle but next cycle for sure. I guess my problem is if I want to go to any random PA school then I should apply this cycle vs. some of the more known ones; apply next cycle. The only reason I would hate to apply next cycle is now I will have 2 years for a gap year instead of just 1 gap year if I apply this cycle and get into a school... caspa only opens once every year correct?
  6. Alright guys, I just graduated 2 weeks ago finishing my last 25 unit semester with a 3.92 GPA and my final GPA stats with no retake on the 2 physics classes and 1 chem class is cGPA: 3.39 sGPA: 3.3-3.4ish As far as hours go, I have now accumulated ~300 hours as an ED Scribe, ~200 hours volunteer. Would you say apply this cycle or just wait till next year (next cycle?) to apply, where my stats will look something like: 3.5 cGPA, 3.4-3.5 sGPA, 1500+ Patient care hours, 400+ volunteer. Thanks!
  7. C in gen chem 1 (freshman year, A in gen chem 2, B+ in orgo 1, A- in orgo 2) C in physics 1 & physics 2 (B in physics 1 lab and A in physics 2 lab)
  8. Looking to apply next year, will be exactly at a 3.40 GPA, what were your guys stats you got in with? Thanks!
  9. what schools do you plan applying to?
  10. I was a bit iffy about this one... can someone confirm that these hours as an EMT at a Casino would all count as direct patient care hours? http://www.internships.com/posting/emergency-medical-technicianofficer-i1048795738
  11. I'm starting to shadow 2 psychiatric PAs (one male and one female) for 100 hours in a private psychiatric clinic. Would this be enough to be competitive for the shadowing compared to others who shadow? Hopefully I can get LOR from them. Or do schools usually want shadowed of PAs in internal medicine etc.?
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