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  1. I also received an interview invite today off of the waitlist, and will be declining due to being accepted elsewhere. Hope it makes someone else jump for joy! Wishing you all the very best.
  2. Thank you, JCPE5! It's too bad we won't be classmates, but they say we all end up where we are meant to be, and for me, that's in Fort Worth. Thanks for the support you gave me along the way! You're gonna do awesome at UTMB-- oh and enjoy being an islander!
  3. It was recommended to me at another interview that it's best to start the FASFA asap. The new one for next year opened up not too long ago, so there really isn't any reason to wait, especially if you know which school you're attending.
  4. Rejected via email last night at 8pm. Happily accepted elsewhere though! It was a good ride, folks. Good luck to you all!
  5. On the CASPA, there is healthcare related experience and patient care experience. Your job will give you lots of healthcare related experience, but as mentioned above, will likely not count as patient care experience.
  6. 12 days after my interview for a rejection. Doesn't seem like much of a trend, I'd say.
  7. Unfortunately, CASPA does not accept letters from Interfolio. CASPA uses their own letter 'exchange' system. I looked up this same issue when I was applying. Should be in writing on their FAQs page.
  8. Thankful to be posting this. Undergrad Ed School: Texas Tech University; BS in Biology 2014 CASPA cGPA: 3.95 CASPA sGPA: 3.76 Age at application time: 24 GRE: Quantitative - 151, Verbal - 160, W - 5.0 Direct Patient Care: Medical assistant and diet technician: 2200+ hrs Shadowing: 30+ hrs PA/MD Healthcare experience: Clinical administrative assistant, Grand Rounds, and various bouts of volunteering in hospitals: 1100+ hrs LOR's (3): 1 clinical manager at my work, 1 PA, 1 professor Volunteering/extracurricular: 200+ hrs of volunteer service as a co-director
  9. I tossed and turned the night after the interview because I couldn't decide if I felt good or bad about how I did. In fact, one of the short answers, I only had a couple of sentences because I ran out of time. I decided that my perception can't be trusted when it comes to interview performance. It's just impossible to anticipate in either direction, in my opinion.
  10. I stayed in the Harbor House. Cool hotel, reasonably priced, and 3 minutes from the school. I took a taxi (Yellow Cab) to my interview, called them an hour before to come pick me up. I used the Galveston Express shuttle to take me back to the airport (only $30 dollars). They have a Ben and Jerry's ice cream off the strand and several restaurants, about 10 minutes from the hotel.
  11. Now go buy a lottery ticket! :) Congrats! Some things just fall into place, it seems. Life is weird like that.
  12. I was honest and upfront about pursuing medical school in the past. Reported both times I took the MCAT in my application (and they weren't good numbers). I had an interviewer ask me about a time something happened that wasn't favorable and what I did about it. I talked about how I had initially wanted to go to medical school, and didn't get in. Major disappointment. But I capitalized on the fact that it turned out to be the best thing for me, because I went out into the medical field, got some great experience/personal growth, and discovered the PA profession, which better aligned with my pri
  13. One program suggested getting started before acceptance, as mentioned before, FASFA is live now and uses last year's tax return (I believe.) As long as you're not going over your limit on schools, I'd fill it out just to get it done. Which reminds me to do it myself. XD
  14. Depends on the school, but I ran a few calculations on most of the schools in Texas (UNTHSC UTSW, UTMB, TTUHSC, Baylor) based on interviews given in the previous year. The average was 33% chance for acceptance if given an interview. Kind of a round about way of answering your question, but it seems like most schools receive ~1500 applications, some with 2000+, and then roughly 150-200 are invited from that pool, so roughly 10% chance of getting an interview. Of course, this statistic is greatly skewed due to proportions of students that submit to schools without meeting the minimum require
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