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  1. Congrats everyone!! Don't forget to add the Facebook page!
  2. Hi All! I received my acceptance call today as well!! I interviewed June 24th. I will post my stats tomorrow! Congrats guys!
  3. oh wow, that great!! Congrats again, hopefully I hear some good news soon
  4. Congrats! Hope the rest of us hear something soon. Were you accepted at your interview?
  5. I started one in May. Myself and a few others have commented about interviews. Have you submitted your app or have an interview
  6. I interviewed on June 24th. Interview was very relaxed and welcoming. Hope to be in class with you all in January. Keep posting as you receive updates.
  7. Hi! Yes I received an invitation to interview today soon after I posted this. I'm super excited!
  8. Hi everyone! Wondering who else is interested in Lenoir Rhyne. Submitted my app one week ago. Is there anyone from Inaugural class that could give us some advice. Also is anyone attending open house June 11th?
  9. From the reback I received from a PA and PA student I would try out with a story. Like painting a picture, kind of like you did with the story about Edith. I would add things that show you are ready for PA school and PA profession, like things you learned while shadowing Lindsey. Just my thoughts.
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