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  1. Good luck to you! Texas native applying too Managed to submit first week of May. BUT I am confused. I did attend the info session, but I'm still unclear. Do we need to send the program our transcripts or not? I assumed no, because basically no schools do that. But I keep getting emails saying my 'graduate school application' isn't complete because of that. So just paranoid that they won't look at it without those. I looked at the FAQ, but honestly their stuff isn't completely up to date.
  2. I'm a little confused, do we still need to send UT RGV our transcripts directly? Or just through CASPA? I thought we only had to send them our transcripts directly if we were applying for the Bridge program, but on the application status page, it says that I need to send them my transcripts...
  3. All my classes look like they were still in CASPA when I checked again. I'll be submitting a transcript for a school that I took a class for this spring, but otherwise nothing has changed. So I shouldn't need to reorder transcripts from my other university again, right?
  4. Willing to return the favor :-) My big concern right now: It's too long and I'm trying to figure out what to get rid of. Let me know and I'll PM you the link!
  5. That's good to know. Do you happen to know if EMT courses will go towards my science GPA/cGPA at all? It would be through a training academy rather than through a community college, I think.
  6. Thanks for all the advice guys. As much as it sucks, I think based on what y'all have said, I'll probably abstain from reapplying this round and instead I'll be submitting some applications to some cardiovascular tech/respiratory therapy programs near me. I figure they'll still be viable career options while also still giving me what I'll need to apply to PA school again in the future. Thanks again!
  7. Hey Ket, Thanks for taking the time to respond. To answer your questions: 1. I did retake college algebra (which I hadn't done so well in the first time), and an additional med term class. I'm going to start a stats class next week and a microbio class in the fall if I can find one that fits my hours since i'm currently working FT M-F 8-5. 2. Between the first and second cycle I gained more healthcare experience since I continued working as a scribe and got promoted to a manager position (but still scribing.) Had 5 recommendation letters that time as opposed to 2-3 previously as well as my med term/algebra classes which I finished up at the end of August. 3. I had considered EMT, but haven't been able to find any classes in my area that would fit my work schedule. Wish I had done it before already. 4. Nope. I almost got one with Wingate (according to them) and was on an interview waitlist with Baylor the first cycle. 5. This round probably ~10+ that I'm selecting a little more carefully this time. Some great ideas on ways to save money! I'm trying to put a little away each paycheck and cut my food/fun spending (I've been bad) so hopefully that'll help. I think this cycle I'm also going to put in some applications to RT programs as well. I figure if that doesn't work out for me, RT school could still give me experience if I still have the desire to be a PA in the future.
  8. Hi guys! 3rd time applicant here. I graduated in 2015 with my psychology degree and a 3.3 GPA. My science GPA is around a 3.0 the last time I checked. HCE: 2,000+ hours as a medical scribe with leadership experience as a scribe manager Shadowing: 100+ hours (give or take) Volunteer: Several years volunteering in several emergency departments LOR: aiming for 3: one from a PA, one from my boss, and one from another PA or doc. Unfortunately, I haven't gained any more hours since I last applied last year since I was promoted within my company from a scribe to a corporate position. I know it's a good thing that I was promoted, but I'm not sure what admissions will think of it since I'm not gaining more HCE. Last year I struggled a lot to save money for the application, supplemental fees, etc. This year I'm trying to save more and have an idea of which programs I want to apply to so that I can get my application in a lot earlier, hopefully by early May. I know a lot of it is going to be banking on how well my SOP is received. I don't know if anyone will be honest enough with me to tell me if I'm wasting my time or if I should just pursue another career. I've wanted this for a while, but it's been tough overcoming the fear of being rejected again especially after all the time and money spent on the whole process. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi all! So I've been working for the same scribe company for almost 3 years now and scribed for 2. Last July I was promoted into a corporate position where I'm responsible for driving engagement with our employees, university relations, etc. This would be my 3rd round applying. My question is: I know that being promoted is technically considered a good thing, but should I bother putting my new position into my personal statement, or should I continue to just highlight my previous experience? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hey guys, So I contacted Wingate and was told that the program is full now. :/ I guess they haven't yet sent out rejection letters/emails.
  11. Anyone hear anything else yet? I had been emailing Susan Lance back and forth last month and she said she would let me know about interview dates in the Spring, but I haven't heard anything yet.
  12. Hey all, I'm a little late to the party but I didn't discover RFU until pretty late. I was still considering submitting an application there, but I know the deadline is in a few days. Does anyone think it's still worth applying? Are there still any interviews left?
  13. So I realized later that I hadn't entered my volunteer info into my CASPA, so I fixed it and updated it. :( Do you guys think this will affect my chances?
  14. Can someone honestly tell me if there's still any point in submitting right now? Or am I just wasting time and money? GPA 3.3 :/
  15. Thanks for the help guys!! I will definitely try to retake a class or two at a 4 year university if I can help it, but either way I'll likely be retaking something.
  16. I would consider taking some time, even if it's brief, to mention why a PA vs. MD vs. NP. Polish your essay a little bit and maybe try to organize where you put things and remove sentences that do not add anything to your statement. It's got some good bones though, keep up the great work!
  17. Just curious to see what everyone's opinions were on this. Is it better to retake classes that you didn't do so well in (prereqs) like biology or Ochem? Or is it better to take some upper level science classes that you haven't taken yet like pharmacology or histology, etc and do well? In addition, how much does it really matter if these classes are taken at a community college vs. a university? Cost is definitely a factor in this question :(
  18. I only applied to four schools honestly because I didn't really think there was a point applying to so many given my late application, GPA, etc. Next time around I'll probably apply to more schools A LOT earlier. I was actually considering paying for one of those services to read my essay and critique it, but I've heard mixed reviews so I'm not really sure.
  19. I applied to four Texas schools: Baylor, UT Health Science Center San Antonio, UT Southwestern, and UNT. My prereq GPA is a 3.1. Baylor didn't even specify how many LORs they wanted, and UTHSCSA wanted only 2. I'm actually waiting to hear from those two, I'm just very very skeptical about my chances. The only reason I was considering retaking my algebra course is because UNT requires it to be a C or higher, and I made a D. I did confirm my that my scribe hours counted with UTSA, but I'll have to double check with UNT and Baylor! As of now, I have 80 hours shadowing PAs, but I could technically take some out of my PCE because I worked with a PA, which is what I did on my application. I will definitely apply a lot earlier next time around and I'll have to consider retaking some classes/taking some upper level science classes. They're just a tad difficult to afford. Thanks for all the advice!!
  20. Hey all, So after likely not getting accepted this year, I'm in need of a new game plan for 2017 and want some advice. I graduated last year with a BS in Psychology at Texas A&M. My GPA isn't all that impressive and my GRE was average. (I can't remember off the top of my head.) cGPA: 3.3 sGPA: 3.0 PCE: ~1,700 hrs as a medical scribe/site coordinator Volunteer hours are in the hundreds, I'm currently waiting on some emails to confirm it though. I applied SUPER late this year. Like a week before the deadline, so I know that probably had some bearing for some of the schools I applied to. I was thinking of taking an online algrebra class since I got a D in my freshman year. My grades in my junior/senior semesters were significantly better than in my first two years, so I hope that it looks like an upward trend. As for my letters, I got one from a PA, one from an MD, but my third one ghosted me and didn't write one after she agreed to. My current plan for next year: 1. Continue working as a scribe to get more PCE hours 2. Gain some volunteer hours at a local hospital 3. Retake algebra to replace my grade 4. Apply WAY earlier 5. Get at least 3 letters Can anyone give me some critique and maybe suggest some other things I should be considering?
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