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  1. Keep up the leadership roles. I did teaching assisting for AP and Ochem, eventually became the head of my research lab as an undergrad (took 2 years). But as far as working, I didn't do anything. I graduated as fast as possible and applied as soon as I could. Lived off GI bill and tutoring.
  2. Making me feel all warm and fuzzy about choosing PA over MD. Honestly didn't want to take the MCAT, big part of my decision, plus the length of medschool + internship + residency. Hope i don't regret it in a few years :/
  3. How far are you into your first year?
  4. Cant wait to see y'all in October, congrats. I'll be there helping with your interview.
  5. No, absolutely get the book. And yes, at the end he gave me lots of feedback. His book is what shaped all of my responses. I read the book prior to my mock with him. To add disclosure, I did mocks with my friends after his so I could hone and work on what he told me to.
  6. yeah, i read and memorized his book. He really gauged me and helped me interview 100% better. My interview before him I got waitlisted, my interview after I was accepted.
  7. I like what NSYPAC had to say. Same thing kind of happened to me - or similar thing. I got over looked by the program I'M IN because they didn't recognize my "Human Structure and Function" 1 and 2 class as anatomy and physiology 1&2 because it was called something else. Basically it's my university's higher level class for the physiology majors. So I called and because I'm a vet and they're a vet friendly school, took a look again at my app and I had to send them syllabi ect... and they ended up taking me. NOW let me play devil's advocate to dissect this. direct patient care - hands on care and direct intervention on clinical outcome via clinical decisions you make/preform. I dont think evaluating information from an EMR fits that definition Enrolling patients doesn't fit that definition What constitutes "preforming follow-up visits"? Isn't that the providers role? Interacting with physicians - again, doesn't satisfy direct patient care. considering your explanation laid out above, I don't think you've fulfilled the definition as they use it. I'm not devaluing your experience or saying it won't help you. Just that I don't think it's direct patient care from a providers prospective and you may be using semantics to argue their validity. good luck!! Defiantly appeal! Because if you don't you'll for sure not get in.
  8. Thanks for the pearls!
  9. I paid $100 to do a Skype mock interview with Andy Rodican. Essential to my acceptance.
  10. I'm getting ready to be pimped out for 12 months. Right now I carry The Practitioner's Pocket Pal: Ultra Rapid Medical Reference, and various apps (sanfords, medscape) plus my own gear (Otoscope/opthal) since I'm around rural areas with limited equipment. Also carry a pocket notebook. Any tips/tricks to add to my kit?
  11. My position is based on knowing authorities who state this (directors, ARC PA, and AAPA folks). But like i said exceptions, far more application bolstering differentiators than most. Keep in mind, they're only going to accept students who they think will, in the end, pass the PANCE. Networking is very important.
  12. Consulted a professor, and prior lab tech. His primary ddx is parasitic infection.
  13. The overwhelming majority of schools do an initial filter of seeing only applicants with >3.5 gpa, then they usually supplement with the 2.9-3.49's. Obviously there are exceptions, strings pulled and nepotism but that's for the rare few. If graduated, probably need to do a master's in another field of study, get a 4.0 then apply to PA school. Not sure that post-bacc classes could raise you to a 3.0. A 2.75 with exceptional bolstering factors may be enough, call programs, sit in on PA classes, show your desire. Obligatory "PA school will be the hardest academics you'll ever do, and shear will and desire isn't enough - need the innate intellectual capacity".
  14. Eosinophilic leukemia or parasitic infection? Check ECG, bone marrow bx, IgE, Serum tryptase, Immunophenotyping of peripheral blood T cells Spitballing, still in didactic so I have a narrow view.