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  1. Taking a step back I think we all can agree that the premise of the question, "So, Real Talk: Do you actually need HCE?" is a disturbing question to the intrinsic nature of the profession. Historically up to the last decade, you didn't go to PA school or NP program unless you had been in another medical profession for a number of years ( Nurse, RT, Paramedic, military Medic ect...).
  2. commenting to watch the carnage
  3. yup. I spent ~$1,200 on applications including secondary apps. I got 2 interviews and 1 yes.
  4. my program has switched to requiring more HCE. There's a clear delineation between those with and without. Frankly, it boarders irritation sometimes in situations when most of the class with quality HCE knows what's going on and the rest do not and causes a bottleneck. This delineation is perceived more during OSLERs/PE and clinical skills. I guess my main gripe with the "No HCE" argument is that it detracts to the grass roots of this profession which seems to happen day by day. I was a Corpsman so I feel a strong attachment and respect to how and why this profession exists and when I see 21 y/o without any HCE (or very little - like a scribe or CNA for 1 year) getting in to a program, I shake my head and anticipate Dr Stead rolling in his grave. PS. I think scribing is the lowliest of HCE, and shouldn't be "counted" because it's not true hands on nor any clinical judgment is really involved - you don't impact the patients outcome directly. Sure your efforts may result in proper documentation to prevent a problem but you didn't directly affect the patient with some form of care. Yes, you get a grasp for things but its realistically more like being paid to shadow and you're taking notes.
  5. When applying for VR I already had my disability rating for a couple of years. From initial application for VR to being approved for entitlement was around 2 months. I think it took a month for them to give me an appointment and that appointment was almost a month after receiving the letter. They will ***usually*** determine your entitlement there on the spot of your appointment. my story is a little more complicated than this and slightly different from the norm. You can avoid this by simply applying for VR in the state that your program is in. (TN is difficult to be found entitled)
  6. You have to file VR in the state that your program is in. All told, it took <2 months to get it all squared away.
  7. Blood Line, it's a new Star Wars book. Just finished Darth Plagueis by James Luceno
  8. Experiences vary. I was in an ER where the stuff on the wall was garbage old equipment. Used my welch allyn lithium equipment every time. Also depends where you're going, the nursing facility had no equipment so you had to supply your own. In my program we use our equipment all the time still, reinforcing over and over. For example, our OSLER will be over quarter 4 orthopedic exams but the patient also has glaucoma or ear infection (stuff from quarter 1). It's nice to have high quality equipment at your disposal. Disclosure: buying the super expensive equipment wasn't optional for my program, we had to buy it.
  9. Overwhelmingly, in the reserves as a PA, deploying is more on a volunteer basis. "Hey do you want to go to Kuwait for 6 months?, No? Okay". That said if you want to deploy a lot, you can!! Experience: former Navy Corpsman, deployed several times.
  10. You are most welcome. Feel free to PM me any questions.
  11. I would call deborah if I was you, if your ARE qualified but get overlooked because of this - that would suck. She will 100% take care of you and make sure you're straightened out and good to go. There ARE people in my class who missed a bio class and were accepted, they just had to take the "missing" class before the start of the program. For example, one guy in my class took several high level bio's but after his acceptance in the program "they" realized his bio 101 wasn't recognized or he didn't take it (i don't remember which) and he simply took that bio 101 class at a community college over the summer.
  12. the stats are in the ballpark of >2,200 applications for 85 seats which is about 0.038%. That's really not bad - relatively. How do you increase your chances for getting into this program? CASPA GPA's >3.3, GRE>300, 1,500 HCE that's hands on (not just being a scribe or some observer), Military service, plenty of volunteer hours, leadership roles. Again, real HCE. DO PRACTICE MOCK INTEVIEWS So you get an interview, how do you get them to say yes? Read and memorize Andy Rodican's book, "How to ACE the PA school Interview". Be very likable, smile as much as possible, eye contact. Ask questions but keep them limited, I've seen faculty become annoyed because invites asks >20-30 questions for the just the sake of asking questions, do your research. What question do they love here? Why South College? So do your research and know how to answer that. I know people can't help it but, do your best not to be weird. To be a PA you have to have fantastic people skills, communication and an un-tangible likability. The faculty are looking for qualified applicants that they can see becoming their future peers and have positive relationships with their patients. All in all though, be yourself. So you got waitlisted Update Deborah! She pulls people (10 or more) off every year. She likes the applicants who keep her updated on their progress and who continue to improve themselves.
  13. Talked to Deborah today for you all. The first interview will be in October and the invites for that interview will go out sometime around August. Subsequent interviews will start in January from there on out.
  14. Yeah, we start our 4th quarter Wednesday and i'll ask them about it.
  15. I have a couple professors in my program (in TN) that are enrolled in this DMS degree. I plan on doing it as well.