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  1. Current clinical year student here. 1. Not really noticeable. I think they’re more inclined to keep you in the program because South has accepted you and wants your money. 2. There is no competition for simulation or mock cases. That has never been a problem. Everyone gets more than their share, trust me. 3. Bell walkers crossing, amberigh bluff, Lovell crossing, fox lake are the major players in our class.
  2. Watching the movie Logan Lucky, I got triggered. See image.
  3. what? My program is 27 months, with 6 core rotations and 1 elective. How long are their rotations so that can have so many? Ours are 6 weeks each.
  4. Here’s the article. http://kimatv.com/news/local/physician-assistant-program-at-heritage-university-put-on-probation
  5. http://www4.toledoblade.com/Education/2017/10/20/UT-physician-assistant-program-loses-accreditation.html They seem to have to negotiate for current students to take the PANCE, you can take it if your program is on probation but not if the've lost their accreditation. The program you graduate from has to be accredited (which they are even if on probation) to sit for the PANCE. -Source: NCCPA representative friend.
  6. http://www4.toledoblade.com/Education/2017/10/20/UT-physician-assistant-program-loses-accreditation.html
  7. I spit my water out from laughing.
  8. That was a good read, thanks. True that experiences may vary, but that redditor makes me feel better and fortunate about my program. For their topic on "Sex equals gender", interestingly enough Current 2017 updated to include these subjects (trans/bi/non-cis) and we received lectures on it.
  9. Just saw today on SiriusXM Doctor Radio Ch. 110, there is a The Nurse Practitioner program which is a Bi-monthly Special that Highlights the Role of the Nurse Practitioner in Healthcare, its on today from 4-6pm (EST?). Where's our PA program at! https://www.siriusxm.com/doctorradio
  10. no problem. South College, Knoxville TN. I am so incredibly satisfied and happy with my program.
  11. Holy shi.... poop.
  12. no. My program for the last several years isn't "ranked" high but we've scored >10 percent above the national average for PACKRAT scores, 97% or greater 1st time pass on PANCE for the last five years and 98% job placement prior to graduation.
  13. Left field but I remember seeing a PA in occupational therapy at the VA and all she did was sign off on paperwork.
  14. You and i are very similar, I love this
  15. We were also told last week at the Tennessee-APA conference that you have to pay tax on any loan reimbursement as well - and it usually isn't a small amount which may negate any relief.