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  1. Malpractice is included, can’t remember the details off the top of my head. I will. The PAs said there are not really crazy hours and everyone has a life and time for family. But UT I’ll get a specific number.
  2. I’ve been given a verbal offer, standing by for the official one this week in writing. The Recruiter and Doc are already going back to HR to offer more base pay because they want me; but this is what I know so far. 70:30 OR:Clinic, M-F + call Base: $96k Call pay: M-Th $400/day , F-Sun $1,000/day Signing bonus: $5000 PTO: 18 (years 1-3) CME: 2,500 and 5 days Full health dental for wife and I: ~$325/mo License/renewal/DEA: covered Malpractice: included Relocation: 3,700 Theres a yearly pay increase based on a formula calculation, need to learn more about that. 401K: $0.50/$1.00 up to 2% OR is ~2 cases/day, pure clinic day ~10/ day Noncompete: unknown, will ask Contract length: unknown 4 (young) Docs, 4 NP (2are clinc based) 2 PA No call first 3 -5 mo depending on comfort. Minimum 1 weeks total worth of call over 30 days call may change in the future to a split model where floor call is 75%of the call total pay and OR is 25% hospital is about 50/50 ratio of total MDs and PA/NP will have lawyer review contact Absolutely love the team, and the area Anythjng I should fight for when the official comes across the desk? What do y’all think? again, Newgrad here
  3. 8404PA

    South College-Atlanta

    If it makes you feel better, South has pasted every ARC PA accreditation visit over the last 12 years.
  4. 8404PA

    South College 2018-2019 Cycle

    Very true. Orientation is in September and classes start in October.
  5. 8404PA

    Physician Assistant with tattoo sleeve on arm?

    I am a clinical-year student. I have tattoos from my shoulders, down to each of my elbows and one on my forearm. Very visible. Experiences my vary: I'm in the south. During didactic I covered them for the first week, then never again. In clinicals I wear my white coat all the time because we're required to do so. On the times when I haven't worn my white coat, surgery/emergency medicine, no one has cared or said anything to me. I've had at least two preceptors who did not care in the least. I do carry a white long-sleeved under amour shirt in my bag at all times in case it's needed. I have seen nurse wearing long sleeves to cover tattoos on my rotations, but I have not seen providers with exposed tattoos either. Most times, you'll be wearing a dress shirt, +/- white coat, so not a biggie. Also, when you interview you'll be wearing a suit and unless you divulge your tattoos, they won't know - personally I wouldn't submit that information. tl;dr - haven't had a problem yet.
  6. 8404PA

    Why did I get rejected?

    can we see your essay?
  7. Commercials and media blasting, this is what "winning" looks like : https://www.wechoosenps.org
  8. 8404PA

    how many shifts in a row is too much?

    I worked 14 hours days, 5-6days/week during my trauma/gen surg/ICU rotation at UT hahaha.
  9. I am graduating is 6 months and I went to a MD/PA career fair a few days ago. Has anyone used Palm Health Resources before to find a job? Are these recruitment firms somthing I should stay away from or embrace? Thanks y'all
  10. he was the keynote at AAPA in vegas
  11. Sold, gotcha. I wouldn't like MP simply because it sounds too close to NP and every older person in the ER is going to think I said NP and presume im a Nurse. Even saying MP on the phone my DO buddy thought I said NP several times. I like the premise of MP but not the real world application per say.
  12. what about paraphysician? In my groups that has the highest favor. most of the people I hang with do not like MP, I hate it a little
  13. 8404PA

    Will programs take a failed PA-S?

    I would hire a lawyer and fight the denial of the appeal. I have seen someone appeal all the way up to the school president to stay in, which he eventually won and stayed in.
  14. 8404PA

    Career Change at 30

    For the record, I think those types of HCE are crap and I do not think highly of them, except EMT. But that's the way the profession has gone [shrug].

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