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  1. Any help would be great! Looking to start a new position in the ICU. Currently with 2 years of experience (non ICU) and am trying to get an idea of salary range. Anyone have any applicable anecdotes/offers they've gotten? Thanks!
  2. Agree 100%, NO ONE likes to talk about salary even though we all do the very same thing! And I'm not talking about asking a PA from another field, I'm talking about asking PAs who are colleagues ... everyone is tight lipped. It's frustrating. And yes, things are very different in NYC - I've heard many classmates say they were told by HR salaries for new grads are simply non-negotiable.
  3. Thanks for the reply, cop to pa. Can anyone else offer up some words based on years of experience as a PA??
  4. Hi everyone, I need some help/perspective on my situation. I'm currently making 88k annually as a cardiology PA at a major hospital system in NYC. I get 4 weeks PTO (inclusive of sick and holiday time), 1 week CME (in addition to $800), full health benefits, 403b (employee funded) and pension-like program (employer funded). I've been there one year (received a 3% raise since I started) and was a new grad when I was hired. It's my understanding a 3% raise is standard every year for my department. Am I getting the shaft with this position?! So many of my colleagues complain about
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