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  1. It seemed like a bad idea to me too. His mindset is "get your foot in the door, no matter the cost" -- but as a new grad, the thought of (essentially) bribing my way into an org that doesn't like new grads (which the hospital he's going to apparently *never* hires into the ED) is a recipe for disaster. (Wasn't sure if that was just my lack of experience talking, though.)
  2. I didn't ask, but my guess is he wanted to be in a specific city, at that particular hospital.
  3. My classmate secured an EM job with an org that typically does not hire new grads by offering a contingency plan: she will work for half the standard PA salary for the first three months, with some of that being shadowing, some working full-time. Is this a good idea to propose to organizations hesitant to hire a new grad?
  4. wamucc


    I wore all-black tennis shoes to my outpatient/office rotations. I kept them clean and dressed professionally and no one commented negatively. I actually had one preceptor mention I was one of the first students to not come in uncomfortable dress shoes (and she confirmed she was fine with my choice). Of course, this likely varies by preceptor, so YMMV, but at the very least, I don't think it'd hurt to ask.
  5. Will they let you take some time off, then join the following class for clinicals? One of the students in my class did that and is doing great this time around. I'm not sure if that's feasible where you are, but it may help you get some distance and give you the time to decide if you really are done with healthcare or if it's a temporary sentiment based on your current situation.
  6. I've been looking for a couple of months. I definitely don't feel the shunned aspect (most places I've talked with are open to PAs), they just want them to already have experience. Very few open to newbies, unfortunately. Not sure where everyone gets that experience if no one will hire a new grad. And holy hell, I *wish* it was only 80k haha
  7. I couldn't agree more with these comments! As an about-to-be-new-grad, the job search is tougher than we were led to believe it would be. Our program is in a big city with several other PA schools, so the "they'll be throwing jobs at you" experience we were warned about just isn't happening anymore. Realistic expectations are *always* better, but in short supply, it seems.
  8. Texas Tech at Midland uses a 3D table instead of a cadaver lab.
  9. Another dog owner chiming in! I had dogs when I applied and rehoming them just wasn't something I was willing to do. It can be tough at times for the reasons others have mentioned (long days, studying, clinicals), but it's definitely feasible. If you have family or a classmate you can enlist to care for them when you're not around, that's great; I also recommend finding a good dog-walker/day care (and save up a pup fund). I'm almost through with school and it definitely would have been easier (and cheaper) without dogs, but the mental break and support they give more than compensates for it -- which, honestly, could be said about pets in general. Good luck!
  10. I agree with what's posted: be honest. If you're worried about it, maybe reference it in a line or two in your essay (but don't dwell on it!!). But the huge spike in your GPA likely speaks for itself! Good luck!
  11. Based on the response I got, they said they were told to focus on students with less than 12 months left to graduation. If your second year is longer than that, maybe that's the reason? Though, to me, that seems nit-picky. You seriously sound like the candidate they specifically said they were looking for!
  12. I haven't heard either. Does anyone know when they expect to make a final decision? I can't find any specifics about that online.
  13. I just got an email this morning saying they still "have movement" on their waitlist. If you haven't already, check your inbox! (And good luck! :)
  14. Thanks to all who are answering this thread; I start in July and really appreciate the insight, advice and recommendations. I'm curious about your thoughts on visual mnemonic services, in particular Picmonic. The content of theirs I've seen looks good; I'm wondering if it's applicable enough to PA school to justify the expense.
  15. I'm not an admissions director, but my advice is to take the W: it'll be easier to explain it than to recover from the damage to your GPA. Be prepared to explain it, if asked why you dropped and definitely ensure you get a better grade in it when you retake it. For what it's worth, I'm also a non-traditional student and had a W in a pre-req -- I was never asked about it (I had three interviews before I accepted a seat, and I turned down three additional interview offers, so it didn't appear to have a negative impact). I did retake the class and obtain an A, so maybe that helped, but I also think most programs understand "life happens" when you're working full-time, etc. Whatever you decide to do, good luck!
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