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  1. I have to admit my heart dropped for a sec thinking it's a decision. Yes I too recieved the same email and I interviewed for regular admission.
  2. Super nervous for tomorrow's interview, hope to meet some of you tomorrow during our group session.
  3. Recieved an email today with directions and what to expect.
  4. I'm sure we will hear back by July. However I would ask this question during your interview and let them know.
  5. Thank you, it was an email with a link to sign up for a time slot. They are interviewing June 1st and 2nd. Good luck to you, I'm sure its coming!
  6. Did you ever reach out to see why you were initially waitlisted?
  7. Its a pretty long process, this is what was sent to me when I asked about the time line.
  8. Well I've been told that in past cycles they usually send out letter just weeks after the deadline. I also assumed we would have known a lot sooner.
  9. My friend called them last week. They said letters will go out end of the month. Nothing has been sent out yet. If not today then most likely tomorrow.
  10. I got that same email when I applied in December. We should definitely hear back by next week.
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