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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think your confidence is lacking due to the fact that you put all your eggs in one basket hoping you'd get into a residency, while many of your classmates are already working as clinicians. While 7 months is a bit of a gap compared to the average new grad, the fact you have 3 job offers is still an amazing feat. If I were you, I'd take the endocrinology job just because I think that's where you'll learn a lot of 'medicine' (i.e. managing DM, thyroid, etc). Once you get a bit settled there, try doing UC per diem to keep up with your procedural skills. By then heck, you may not even need to do a residency. You went through PA School, remember that. Not everyone can go through the rigorous didactic and clinical year like we do.
  2. Solid stats, but don't bank on "schools you think you're guaranteed accepted into" unless those schools specifically said so. I was offered multiple interviews from schools where I would have never dreamed of getting an invite to while the schools I thought I had a good chance rejected me. Biggest recommendation is rack up those PA shadowing hours as much as possible to get a better understanding of our profession. I come from a very research based background as well, but do you have any community service hours? Some programs greatly emphasize underserved work so you want to make sure you have that under your belt.
  3. Given the painful eye, watery discharge, and photophobia, I'd say my differential diagnosis would be acute keratitis vs. viral conjunctivitis (?) Would one of the Ophtho signs be taking IOP of OD/OS? As for the pupil exam (taking a total guess on this), you shine a pen light into the pupil and see if its equal, round, and reactive for possible neurological etiology. I'm stumped on the last part... Perhaps, conduct the visual acuity anyway to the best of the patient's ability and see if there are significant changes in his left eye from his right and document 'visual acuity obtained without pt's prescription glasses.' Wow, this is really cool, gets me pumped up for when I start PA school next month haha! Curious to see what the other PA-S have to say!
  4. How long has this been going on for? Were you exposed to any recent chemicals or sustained eye trauma? Do you wear contact lenses? Any drastic changes in your vision? Any pain, itchiness, or discharge? Does it feel like something's in your eye? Since you're asking for those 'antibiotic drops,' it seems like you've had this before, are symptoms today similar to before? Is it chronic? What did the provider at that time diagnose you with? Any follow up with an Ophthalmologist? Course: I would get a visual acuity of the patient, place tetracaine to numb the eye, use fluorescine dye, and check for any uptake for possible corneal abrasion, FB, or dendritic lesions. I would also give the slit lamp a go to R/O retinal detachment. Key Questions: any significant vision loss or loss of peripheral vision? chemical exposure or orbital trauma? if chemical, what was the chemical? I start PA school next month, so this is the extent of my knowledge working as a medical scribe in the ED haha. Hopefully, I'm on the right track (?)
  5. Just got the call 20 minutes ago, IM IN! Can't wait to meet everyone! :)
  6. @middkid14 Congrats on your acceptance!!! Do you mind if I ask around how many interviewers were there when you interviewed?
  7. Invited for the November 12th interview as well! Excited to meet everyone! :) Applied: 8/5/2016 Confirmed by USC: 8/30/2016
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