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  1. Ok so do we know this because someone was just offered an interview? Or because that was a generic response from the program?
  2. Good things come to those who wait! ? lets get itttt
  3. Can you sign a month to month lease where you are for now? Also, has anyone tried calling?
  4. Hi there! Congrats on graduating :) we are all so hopeful to be in your shoes soon. Do you feel like you were well prepared for your boards by utrgv? The pass rates have been up and down and I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you :)
  5. Well done you two! :) Anyone been bumped into either of these spots? Not sure if they take people in an order per ranking or if the committee has to meet again or something like that.
  6. On my interview in december my faculty member said 80 spots this round but you never know I guess?
  7. Oh I have no idea. I just assumed it was their version of saying waitlisted lol. Hang tough friend, we're all there with you.
  8. Maybe @BooRoo could ask their 2nd year friend? Pretty please? :)
  9. I think they start in the fall, so you could probably take psych over the summer :). I'll need to do the same thing for my expired stats!
  10. Hey guys! Omg we made to to February. Any news anywhere in regards to the waitlist?
  11. You emailed asking about the waitlist or just for an update in general?
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