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  1. I attended their information session a few weeks ago and I asked this exact question! They said they begin notifying people for interviews around August/September and they interview until around December. Last cycle they had their class list set by late January/early February. Essentially, if January rolls around and you haven't heard from them regarding an interview, then you're probably not going to get one. That's basically what I got out their response to me!
  2. I didn't see a new thread started for the 2017-18 cycle so I figured I'd start one. Anyone heard anything from LEC yet? I submitted my CASPA on June 6th and it was verified the next day but I have not heard from LEC as to whether or not they received my applications. I know a lot of schools send out generic emails once they get your CASPA but I hadn't gotten one from LEC so I was curious if anyone else has. Excited to hopefully hear from them soon!
  3. I just received an email from them today confirming that they received my CASPA. I also submitted early, around June 6th I believe. They said they offer interviews September through December so we will see!
  4. Thank you everyone for the help! I've been hearing the same kinds of things from other people. I think applying in the next cycle will strengthen my chances much more so than applying this cycle.
  5. You're probably all sick of reading threads that ask about people's personal chances at getting into PA school...and I'm sorry because this thread is no different. I am a graduating senior at the University of Dayton with a cumulative GPA of 3.49. My science GPA is around 3.40-ish and I have strong letters of recommendation. I have a decent amount of clinical hours. I've worked hands on at a free clinic for 2 years and gained approximately 200 hours there, and I've also gone on a medical brigade to Nicaragua where I gained about 120. I have about 100 volunteer hours from different organizati
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