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  1. Hi! I applied august 2017. I have 5000+ direct patient care hours, 100 volunteer hours, 100 shadowing hours, 288 GRE (lower end i know), 3.2 Overall GPA, 2.98 Science GPA. I haven't heard back I did speak to Ms. Bromei and she said they have all my materials and nothing else is needed at this time. Do you think I still have a chance for interview and if not what should i do to change my application given that this is my 3rd year applying?
  2. I applied and was verified by August 24th. I haven’t heard anything... when will I hear something and will I receive some type of notice if I’ve been rejected ? Any info is greatly appreciated this is my 3rd year applying !
  3. Love the story you use but I would definitely condense the story but don't lose the emotion. You also need to emphasize the PA profession more you don't even mention the word PA until the end.
  4. The transition between you losing edith and talking about your language skills is a little swift for me. You really get the audience emotional about Edith's death and then you just switch over to you again. I would also reconsider your intro as like other critiques say it doesn't grab my attention but you can easily rework it to include Edith or Maria.
  5. Awesome story your voice is very strong and your thought process is well thought out! I think you just need to incorporate in the body more the qualities that you have that will make you a good PA.
  6. It is a late night in the hospital and I am assigned to draw blood on a patient that has been at our hospital before, his name is Cecil. Cecil is not known to be personable, but allows me to draw his blood anyway. As I explain why I am there, he replies with expressionless nods. Understandably, most patients are not happy to have blood work in the middle of the night. After drawing his blood I ask him if I can get anything for him. His eyes snap towards me with raised eyebrows. "Yes. A cup of coffee, with enough cream to make it your skin tone." I return with the beverage and explain, "I did
  7. Awesome intro ! You definitely have the experience to make you stand out, Use it! I think you need to tailor the examples to how they made you want to be a PA and how the have equipped you to be a good PA. The PA profession is not mentioned enough and the conclusion needs more depth to it. I think that will be easier to do once you add in more specific HCE examples tailored to the profession then you can touch on these points in the conclusion once again.
  8. I would delete the first couple of sentences in your first paragraph and take the last sentence starting with " I have come to understand..." and attach it to the beginning of the next paragraph and combine that with the third paragraph making one paragraph total. Having so many separate small paragraphs makes the flow choppy and makes it harder to keep the audience engaged. Then I would combine paragraph 4 and 5 making a second paragraph. Paragraph 5 is great! This shows that you are very familiar with the profession and understand the daily life of the profession. In paragraph 6 I would del
  9. I agree delete the first paragraph it is not a good attention grabber and questions your desire for the profession. I think your second paragraph shows your compassion and desire for the medical field I think you need at least another 2 more body paragraphs to highlight your healthcare experiences and relate them to how and why you want to be a great PA. Trying to cram that in your final paragraph is to abrupt. Look forward to seeing a more complete draft.
  10. There is a lot of information in here but not a lot of info explaining why you want to be a pa
  11. Great statement. Well written and kept me intrigued throughout! The conclusion may need a little bit more but that's all. Good job!
  12. should you us the PA acronym in your essay or actually write out Physician Assistant? I am getting conflicting reviews between administrators and students. Thank You!
  13. For starters, your intro is definitely an attention grabber and an easy read In my opinion. I wouldn't separate the story into several paragraphs but find a way to be descriptive yet concise and get the intro. story to 1 paragraph. Then start talking about your experiences that made you want to be a PA and make you a good one, while using your intro story throughout. I can definitely tell you know about the profession and what it entails. In the ending you have a sentence that says you are leaning toward primary care. I had a PA that was on the admissions committee for YALE University's PA Pr
  14. Introduction- AWESOME! You captured my attention and immediately I wanted to read more! great job! But explain what she was late for. Cause I still don't know. Second Paragraph- Instead of listing your titles. List examples of your time in those professions and how those experiences equipped you with qualities that are needed for a PA. (I.E While rushing to a scene of an accident as an EMT I was required to put my own emotions aside and give the patient on scene CPR even though I was tired I had to keep going. This experience gave me the selflessness and determination a PA needs.) something a
  15. Your Intro is very basic and not intriguing it is not very original and makes it sound like because your teacher said so you want to do this. That alone will eliminate you from selection. I would encourage you to read other successful essays and see what made them successful. " I learned that a PA's schedule is not as twined around medicine and work as much as other health care professions." I would either explain this in a great way or omit it because you saying this alone is not true a physician assistant is completely centered around hard work and medicine. You really need to look into the
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