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  1. Hi! I applied august 2017. I have 5000+ direct patient care hours, 100 volunteer hours, 100 shadowing hours, 288 GRE (lower end i know), 3.2 Overall GPA, 2.98 Science GPA. I haven't heard back I did speak to Ms. Bromei and she said they have all my materials and nothing else is needed at this time. Do you think I still have a chance for interview and if not what should i do to change my application given that this is my 3rd year applying?
  2. I applied and was verified by August 24th. I haven’t heard anything... when will I hear something and will I receive some type of notice if I’ve been rejected ? Any info is greatly appreciated this is my 3rd year applying !
  3. should you us the PA acronym in your essay or actually write out Physician Assistant? I am getting conflicting reviews between administrators and students. Thank You!
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