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  1. What dates were they offering for interviews if no one minds answering?
  2. Try walking dogs for Wag or something. Its easy work and I think it pays pretty good.
  3. Probably best to email the schools you are interested in applying to with the course description and see if they like it.
  4. Yeah, easiest to go through CASPA to find it. It isn't too bad, just 3 questions.
  5. Same to you. Good to see a thread already started!
  6. Take a few minutes to browse the forums.
  7. Worked with a Navy PA who was stationed there...he never had anything bad to say about it and was trying to talk me into going.
  8. hmmmm3

    How to Address LORs

    I just had someone writing one of my LORs ask me whom they should address it to. I was wondering if anyone had any advice about this. Did you guys/your writers use "To Whom It May Concern," "Admissions Committee," or something else? Thank you.
  9. I thought I was the only one getting tired of these posts.
  10. State chapters, and PA's for tomorrow.
  11. Why don't you contact the program and let them know of the situation? Or contact CASPA?
  12. I would call the transcript entry service.
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