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  1. hmmmm3

    How to Address LORs

    I just had someone writing one of my LORs ask me whom they should address it to. I was wondering if anyone had any advice about this. Did you guys/your writers use "To Whom It May Concern," "Admissions Committee," or something else? Thank you.
  2. I thought I was the only one getting tired of these posts.
  3. State chapters, and PA's for tomorrow.
  4. Why don't you contact the program and let them know of the situation? Or contact CASPA?
  5. I would call the transcript entry service.
  6. Applying for the first time this cycle as well. Have been working on pre-reqs for 4+ years! Here we go! Does anyone know what exactly CASPA asks for as a letter of rec? Can it just be generic or does it ask specific questions to be answered?
  7. The VA and military have wonderful scholarship opportunities.
  8. There is probably a very good reason she USED to be an MD and is now an ND (Not a Doctor).
  9. Watch all of the videos and practice practice practice...then practice some more. There is no secret, you just need to know all of the shortcuts that shown nicely on Magoosh, and you'll get there through practice.
  10. Best to ask the individual programs what they think and if they would count it.
  11. So what I'm saying is....the answer to all your questions is probably Dr. Oz.
  12. Had a pt in acute CHF exacerbation, who needed bipap, tell me that he ate a whole bag of chips because "Dr. Oz said that salt is not the problem."
  13. Can you please provide a point of reference for your quote there?
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