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  1. I feel that people who are going into those programs should just go to med school, unless they have the experience and somehow haven't done any undergrad work. The intention of the profession was for it to be a second career for those who already had a lot of (good) experience and therefore would be better suited for more condensed training. The idea was that the experience would fill in some gaps between PA school and med school. If you can't 'fill in the gaps' then you are doing yourself a disservice by going to PA school - in my opinion.
  2. I worked full time and took 1-2 classes at a time. Looking back, I probably could have done more. I tried to predict what classes would be most time consuming - for example, when taking organic or biochemistry, those were the only classes I took because I anticipated they would be difficult. They were, and I'm glad I didn't try to take any other classes at the same time as those. Good luck!
  3. They invited you for an interview, didn't they? Try having a little more self-confidence!
  4. Probably depends a little on your current GPA. If your grades slip a little, those classes, although interesting, might not be as helpful as you originally had thought.
  5. It varies greatly. I would recommend preparing for an immense amount of stress and being okay with that.
  6. I was accepted at 4 schools and was offered about 10 interviews and my degree is a BA in general studies, if that helps.
  7. Depending on how many schools you plan on applying to, make sure you set aside plenty of time to work on it. It wouldn't hurt to get a copy of your transcripts ahead of time as you will need to manually input all of your courses. You can obviously start working on your personal statement now and start having people look over it if you wish. For me, the PS was the most time consuming part.
  8. My understanding is that Dr. Huckabee is looking for really well-rounded candidates who have compassion for people, healthcare and the profession. Not to give anything away - but he is interviewed in a podcast (I think it is called the PA startup podcast) and it is really easy to see what matters to him most. He specifically mentions grit. I hope this is helpful.
  9. For anyone holding out, I have withdrawn my acceptance. Best of luck.
  10. Interviewed 9/17 and haven't heard anything yet.
  11. Has anyone been offered an interview at a different date yet?
  12. Declined my interview. Hopefully that opens up a spot for someone who will be a great PA some day.
  13. I was offered an interview with outstanding prerequisites and offered an acceptance with no bachelor's degree. I'm sure it just depends on how well rounded the rest of your application is. It is certainly possible.
  14. For those who interviewed last week: how did it go?
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