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  1. Do you guys mind sharing if they gave you options for interview dates and, if so, what were the dates?
  2. If anyone was wondering, I didn't get a notification about my application being complete until I emailed the program. Also, they stated that they will not send notifications about interviews until after the Nov 1 deadline. Hope this helps.
  3. Confirmed with Michele that there will be interviews most likely in December.
  4. Got the same email, would be great to hear back this week. Good luck!
  5. Hey guys, just curious if you could offer any insight on the interview day. It is only MMI or is there a traditional interview component as well? Thank you.
  6. Check with the individual schools. They will probably want to look at the course description and/or syllabi so have those ready.
  7. I know you guys can't go into specifics, but how was the MMI? Was there a traditional interview component at all?
  8. I see that they offer seats in January but I don't see anything that specifically says no interview... Am I missing something?
  9. Yep. I appreciate that they addressed it though. I'm curious as well. I'm sure they will address this at the interviews?
  10. If it makes you feel better, I didn't submit until July 4 and was offered an interview yesterday. When is your GRE scheduled and would you be able to submit soon after completing it? It takes a couple weeks after taking the GRE to get scores back. Since they have already been interviewing I'm sure the class is already filling up, but my interview isn't until late October. I think you could still potentially get an interview but the odds aren't in your favor.
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