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  1. Interviewed 9/17 and haven't heard anything yet.
  2. Has anyone been offered an interview at a different date yet?
  3. Declined my interview. Hopefully that opens up a spot for someone who will be a great PA some day.
  4. Was also invited for 10/26. Best of luck all.
  5. I was offered an interview with outstanding prerequisites and offered an acceptance with no bachelor's degree. I'm sure it just depends on how well rounded the rest of your application is. It is certainly possible.
  6. For those who interviewed last week: how did it go?
  7. I would say that is a good sign. Stay positive! Sounds like many of us got the same message.
  8. Got the same email for the update. My opinion is you go to a school that will help you get a "PA-C" after your name, and Augsburg can still do that.
  9. Still waiting also. App complete on 7/11.
  10. I will be declining my interview, hopefully this opens up an opportunity for one of you. Best of luck!
  11. Also received an interview invite today for Sept 30th. My application was complete sometime around July 4th.
  12. For everyone wondering, there isn't anything mysterious about NU's interview. Prepare like you would for any other interview and you will be fine. There isn't really anything to prepare for specifically. As was mentioned before, there isn't any way to prepare for the writing portion. As far as shadowing hours, no I wasn't asked about it, but I would recommend being able to articulate what you know about PAs and why you want to be one (and shadowing obviously helps with that). A good portion of my PCE was spent working directly with PAs so that could be a factor too. Overall, I would say don't be too nervous and just be yourself.
  13. Was also offered an interview! Sept 10th must be filled as that wasn't an option.
  14. Kara, there are a lot of resources on this. Google "common PA school interview questions" and that will be a great start, as well as knowing just general interview questions that are common for jobs and schools. There are also resources for mock interviews which I think are a good idea.
  15. Overall, it is a surprisingly relaxed day. There are no surprises and everyone is genuinely happy that you are there.
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