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  1. yes, I've read this as well. I've also read that physicians are allowed to work part time, making things easier....
  2. That's some great advice. Thank you. And med students have summers off? I was under the impression that they didn't and if they did, it was a very brief break.
  3. while I do have my mind set on being PA, I AM still considering my options and perhaps I'll make a different decision when the time comes. Right now, the things keeping me away from the path of becoming a physician are the debt that comes as a result and the extremely restrictive lifestyle. Is it not true that PA's have a better work/life balance than physicians or is this just my misunderstanding?
  4. I see. Thank you. I was just getting a little discouraged since I've decided to start on the path of being a PA right when I start undergrad, and hearing PAs saying that other career paths are better than the one they pursued kinda scares me.
  5. Why so many people not advocating for the PA profession? Are all of you not content with your jobs? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. yea, unfortunately. Thanks though
  7. Hi. I'm a high school senior going into university with the intention of eventually applying to pa school after undergrad. My question is in regards to the specific major I should pursue for my bachelors. I've heard that it does not really matter what you major in as long as it is still in some way relevant to ones desire to become a PA. Can anyone list some recommendations for potential majors? I'm having trouble finding anything interesting. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Thank you. I appreciate your insight. I think Im going to go ahead and take the program. Even if I don't get a job afterwards, I at least have that experience.
  9. Thank you for your insight. So in your opinion, would you suggest that I go ahead with the program, or would getting a different form of HCE be best. Personally, the EMT route seems the most interesting and convenient for my circumstances as someone about to start school. The program can be completed during my summer break. The only issue is finding a job. What do you suggest?
  10. so private companies then, how much different are they from public ones? Other than salary(which I honestly don't care much about), what are the differences between them?
  11. Update: so I'm about to enroll In an emt program, but I'm a little cautious. I recently heard that it's really difficult to find a job in Southern California as an emt. Can anyone verify this information? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. alright. I'll look at the different options. Thank you
  13. I just looked it up, seems like a great program. Some complain about its difficulty, but what else should one expect from a 4 week program. I have one question though, how many days a week do you attend class? It's an hour away from me and I don't know if I want to drive that far everyday.
  14. do you know of any closer to the inland empire?
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