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  1. Hi all, for those of you who have already interviewed, what time does the day end exactly? The website says the day should be over by 1pm, is this accurate? Would really appreciate a response since I'm trying to schedule when I will be able to leave South Florida after the interview!
  2. Hi all! For those who were accepted, have any of you received your acceptance packets yet through the mail? I know Janet sent out an email stating that we should be receiving them the first week of October. I have yet to receive mine, anyone in the same boat?
  3. Did anyone have to fill out a supplemental application? When I login to the portal they provide with my credentials, it says there are no electronic supplemental applications for me to complete at this time. It has been that way since I submitted my application back in May. Has this been the same case for everyone else ... or am I missing something?
  4. Congrats on the interview! Did they make you do a supplemental?
  5. Congrats to everyone who has received great news so far! Looks like I haven't heard from them at all since I got an email on 6/1 confirming receipt of my application. Does anyone know if they accept AP credits?
  6. Hello everyone, I received an email today with a link to the supplementary application. Do they send everyone who is verified one? Or does Wake select specifically to whom they send supplemental apps? Good luck to everyone! I hope we all do well! :-) Actually I just checked the other thread asking the same question; seems like they send it to everyone who meets the minimum requirements. Good luck to us all!
  7. Congrats to everyone so far who has been receiving promising news! Do any of you have a suggestion as to what guys should wear? I was gonna go for the obvious suit and tie- that's the best bet right? Also, if there is a current Drexel PA student that is on this this forum, would you mind dropping some general advice about interviews (anything to bring etc) and also telling us what drew you to the school/how the experience is so far?! so nervous!
  8. Hello everyone, just thought I would start this thread for the current cycle. I'm so so nervous about the process, Drexel is really appealing to me and is my top choice! CASPA Verified- 5/23 Receipt of Application by Drexel- 5/25 Received invite for interview today!- 6/7 Interview date- 7/21 Anyone else on the same boat as me? I'm SO nervous and excited at the same time, things are getting real. Any information would be HIGHLY appreciated!!! Good luck to everyone, I know how intense this all feels.
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