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  1. I got invited yesterday to interview on Dec 13. My CASPA was verified July 12. Can anyone provide information for the format of the interviews? Is it group? Individual? MMI? Also does anyone know the class size of the East Falls campus?
  2. I applied in July and have not heard anything yet. Last year I applied in November and was invited to interview in January. For those who have interviewed already, when did you all finish your applications? Is anyone else in the same boat as me in terms of applying early and still waiting?
  3. Hello, This is the final draft of my personal statement before I put it into CASPA. I would appreciate any feedback or opinions. Thank you, Brianna The rain had just subsided when the ambulance finally arrived at the Santa Anita Race Track. The mere minutes must have seemed like hours to the man who was in severe pain after slipping on the wet tile ramp and landing directly on his right shoulder. A security officer witnessed the fall and called over the radio for an EMT to respond to his location. I arrived within seconds and immediately initiated my assessment of his cond
  4. Rellie, thanks so much! You have some good advice. Unfortunately, my Spanish is still beginner level. I had a translator when I went to the Dominican Republic. I am only now beginning to be able to speak itfrom taking classes and having to communicate with my Spanish-speaking patients. Also, I'm not sure about writing it in chronological order because I want to start out with an experience rather that my childhood. I will try rewriting those first two paragraphs so that they flow better with the rest of the essay.
  5. Hello, This is my second time around applying to physician assistant programs. Some background: I applied to 8 programs last year and got 4 interviews so I feel like my personal statement was already acceptable. However, I have made changes to it since then so I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you, Brianna My partner and I arrived at a hospital to transport a man recovering from a stroke to a rehabilitation facility. He was optimistic and told me about the wonderful doctors and nurses who cared for him during his stay. At another time, we arrived at a different hospital for another
  6. I'll be at the interview on Nov 19! I'm excited but also nervous since Pacific is my top choice. I was just wondering what exactly does committee hold mean? Is that like being waitlisted? Also, did those who interviewed in October hear back from the program via e-mail or mail? Thanks!
  7. It was towards the end of my shift when we received the page to transport a morbidly obese female from her nursing home to the emergency room. She was experiencing severe pain throughout both of her legs, even after her nurse had given her pain killers. As an emergency medical technician (EMT), I have transported and cared for many different types of patients, most of whom are from nursing homes in medically underserved areas. This particular patient concerned me due to her extensive history of medical conditions, in addition to being obese. There was little I could do for her on the way to th
  8. From reading your statement, it is obvious that you are a very driven and caring individual. However, some parts need to be reorganized in order for the statement to flow better. The part about getting C's in school and repeating classes is drawn out and can definitely be reduced. Instead, show that you understand the PA profession and are prepared for the duties that you will have to peform. What about any patient care experience or health care expereince? When have you ever observed a PA at work? Why don't you want to become a doctor or other type of medical professional?
  9. While this tragic story of Sam is a good introduction to draw the reader's attention, it seems out of place in your statement. You never mention the life lesson that you learned from her death in the rest of your essay. You need to tie in this story with your desire to become a PA. I think you should either delete or reword that last sentence of your introduction since it sounds somewhat cliche. This experience obviously taught you compassion, so you could mention how you show this compassion with other patients that you work with. The same could be said about your conclusion; it doesn't r
  10. The emergency room (ER) was full of people with illnesses and injuries of varying degrees of severity. As a shadow, I did my best to keep pace with the physician assistant (PA) as she tended to people with lacerations, pregnancy complications, nausea, etc. “Can I listen to your heart?”, she asked a restless toddler crawling under the examination table. She squatted to his level to make him feel comfortable and explained to his mother what she was looking for in terms of signs and symptoms of any serious illness. I watched as she worked independently, treating and diagnosing each of her patient
  11. You definitely have some very intriguing experiences, but you never really share what introduced you the PA profession. I think you should condense the second paragraph because the wording is somewhat awkward. In particular, the last sentence of the second paragraph should be rewritten to avoid using the word "here" since it is unclear where you are talking about. Also, that sentence is a run on. You share that you are reserved several times throughout your statement. I wouldn't focus on that trait as much. Instead, share how you overcame that reserved nature to interact with people i
  12. Hello all. This is my very first draft of my personal statement for PA school. I touched on a few things that are important to me, such as my mission trip, but I feel like it may have gotten jumbled. I really wanted to focus on my desire to help people before they develop chronic conditions. Please critique and let me know which parts I should stress more and which I could do without. Also, I'm still working on a stronger conclusion. Right now it's 4341 characters with spaces. Thank you. “Can I listen to your heart?” Kayla, the physician assistant (PA), asked the toddler crawling under t
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