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  1. I was called on Friday Nov 22 in the evening by the program director and offered admission but have decided to decline the offer to pursue other opportunities. Hopefully someone else here will get a call soon as well!
  2. Sorry, at my interview we were given a warning to not disclose specific information about the exam or the interview questions or else we could be taken out of consideration.
  3. Received an email today for an interview on November 23rd. I will be declining it as I have already been accepted to my top choice school, hope it opens up for someone else! Best of luck!
  4. Received an acceptance email this morning!!! For those on the waitlist, stay positive! In reading a lot of the previous years forums, many people were accepted off of the waitlist before interviews even finished.
  5. They told us that we should expect a response (via email) within 2 weeks after the interview. However i’ve been told by previous students that on the Friday of an interview week all faculty come together to make their decisions and then candidates are informed the following Monday.
  6. If I remember correctly, I think they told us we could expect to be there until 3:30pm but after the actual interview process was done they treated us to lunch and a small tour and then we were finished by around 1:30pm.
  7. While I’ve heard about the importance they place on GPA as well, it is definitely not the only deciding factor because I have a 3.96 science and 3.95 overall GPA and did not receive an interview invite. Best of luck though and hopefully we’ll hear back about a second round of invites soon!
  8. I’m guessing that everyone who they want to be interviewed has already gotten an email. There will be some people who turn down the interview (due to getting into another school) and then hopefully UC Davis will send out a few more emails to invite a few more people to fill these spots. I’m sure the administration from the school isn’t allowed to say that if you haven’t gotten an email yet, you won’t be interviewed just in case. I’m sure they have to follow the protocol and tell everyone to wait until November even though in reality those of us who haven’t received anything are likely rejected.
  9. I don’t think changing your interview date will negatively affect you. I think that’s why they give applicants so many options of interview dates because they know that our schedules are tough and some months are better than others. And they know that our schedules change and so I think they don’t mind if you already picked a date and want to change it. They make most of the decisions at the end of all interviews anyways so I don’t think having a later date will affect your chances of getting into the program.
  10. Also received an interview invite about 15 min ago!! I’ll see some of you there on October 9th! Overall GPA: 3.95 Science GPA: 3.96 PCE: 3300 hours Volunteering: ~300 hours Shadowing: 17 hours Submitted: 6/25 Verified: 6/30
  11. You’re welcome. They did tell us that they will continue to interview through December and then most of the decisions will be made after December. Good luck to everyone!
  12. We aren’t allowed to say much about the questions that were asked but be prepared for a group interview of 3 interviewers and 3-4 interviewees. This part only lasted around 35 min and then we were each called in separately for a few individual questions, that part lasting less than 5 min. While one group is interviewing, everyone else completes the testing (math, medical terminology, and an essay). Good luck!
  13. According to last year’s forum, the invites were sent out in November and the interviews were held in December. I forget where I found it but somewhere on the portal website it says they will be giving more information in November.
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