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  1. Also invited to interview. I'll be there January 26-27 for the distance program!
  2. CHECK YOUR EMAILS! I'm in, I'm in, I'm in!! :) Good luck to all!
  3. I'm track 2, so unfortunately I can't help with that one. Sorry!
  4. Exactly! Good luck to you as well. Let us know as soon as you hear anything!
  5. No news here either. I actually called on Monday to see if they knew a rough date when they may start letting us know, but I haven't heard anything back yet.
  6. If you look on their site, there is a spot that explains program design. It includes a 1 week orientation, three 4-5 week sessions, and a final 3 week session at the end from my understanding.
  7. I'm not sure if it will be the same this year, but last year we arrived and had an info session followed by a group activity, writing assignment, and two 1:2 interviews. Then the afternoon consisted of lunch and a tour of the new medical building. I'm ND and track 2.
  8. Just received an interview invite for October 25th! Good luck to everyone!
  9. I also thought invites didn't go out until mid December. That's what their website says at least. When is your interview scheduled for?
  10. I was offered an interview last year. I called the department after receiving the rejection to ask if they could share how I can improve. They directed me to send an email to an account they have, which then produced a generic response stating they do not provide specific information as to why the decision for acceptance/rejection was made. However, my guess is that it was due to HCE hours. I applied last year meeting the minimum with only 500 hours, and those I was interviewing with had far more. I'm assuming you applied this year also. Is this your first year? Good luck to you as well!
  11. Is anyone else reapplying this year? I only applied to UND last year, and unfortunately, was not accepted.
  12. @kitkat1988 Do you know what the new time frame looks like this year with a new director? I wonder if they will continue with beginning interviews in October as in the past.
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