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  1. Gee guys, school starts Monday! I am keeping my hopes up but it looks like we are cutting it too close. Wishing you all continued luck!
  2. Has anyone heard anything else? I believe orientation is tomorrow and school starts next week so if there is still room, I wonder if they'll notify people until Monday? If so, that's after mandatory orientation so I'm not sure if it is even a possibility anymore.
  3. Hoping for the best! Thanks for the info. At least I know they call at all hours of day.
  4. Thank you for the update. I interviewed in April so I'm wondering if maybe they're going by the people that made it on the alternate waitlist based on their interview date. If that's the case they may have a lot of people to go through before they get to April's medium alternate waitlist. Not sure but still praying for the best. What time did you receive the phone call and was it from a 707 phone number?
  5. Do you mind letting us know when you interviewed? Also, did you accept? Congrats and wishing you the best of luck@Eesgate
  6. Nothing yet over here. Hoping to hear something. Anyone else, any news?
  7. Thanks for sharing!! I'm hoping and praying for good news!
  8. Congrats! Not losing hope!! Was that this cycle or last year's cycle?
  9. Nothing, guys. I'm not sure how likely it is for people to make it off the med. Wonder if anyone has made it off of the high list and if so, how many.
  10. I'm on the mid wait list as well, haven't heard anything. Hoping for the best. Fingers crossed and best wishes to everyone. Good luck
  11. I hope so! Any recommendations on what to update our applications with. For those of us on the alternate list?
  12. Congrats on getting into another program!!! Best wishes. I'm not sure about the process either. I'm just staying positive in hopes I make it off the med wait list
  13. Does any one know someone that's made it off of the medium alternate list?
  14. Thanks for the response. I'm hoping for info soon as well. I know people interviewed early on, like in February, got a response a good 2-3 weeks after. We shall wait and see. Good luck
  15. Wow I had no idea there were interviews being held beyond May. That's a great question. I'm not sure how it works since it was stated that the committee typically meets right after the interviews and makes recommendations to the director of admissions shortly thereafter, but do they hold off to see if someone interviewing at a later date is a better candidate? Hope someone can answers this question. [emoji4]
  16. Have you heard back from the program yet? You interviewed on one of the later dates in April, correct?
  17. Thank you. I wonder if anyone from the later interview (on the 25th or so) has heard back yet. Well, all we can do is wait and remain positive. [emoji4]
  18. Well, let's keep our hopes up. Positive vibes your way!! Good luck.
  19. Has anyone from the April 4th interview heard back, whether accepted or on alternate list?
  20. Hi @mtorr_ca, When did you interview and when find out you were on the low waitlist? Thanks
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