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  1. Where is everyone staying hotel wise? Everything in the area is so expensive....even Airbnb. =(
  2. Was just offered an interview on 11/4 today as well, see you guys there :)
  3. Hey everyone! I got an invite for an interview on the 29th as well :) Does anyone have any recommendations for decent priced hotels in the area?
  4. Congrats! I applied for the Miami campus a few weeks ago, are we to receive an email stating they received all of our materials, or will the next email be if they decide to invite us for an interview or not?
  5. How are you accepted already? Did you apply before CASPA, April 27th? They had interviews before that date?
  6. Hey, If you don't mind, can you give me the phone number you used to call? I have called, but it goes straight to voicemail. I also want to know my application status Thank you :)
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