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  1. Congratulations man, although late. So did you get accepted without Direct patient care experiences or you actually worked as BSA ? I am a Lab technologist and do not have direct patient care. Want to go to PA school/ Thanks
  2. I am sorry none responded you back then but I am sure you are a PA by now. Now please help me in finding a PA who will accept me as a shadow. thanks
  3. How do you make arrangement to shadow a PA student ? I do not know any PA students yet.
  4. I am very excited to see all the responses from you all. I apologize for incomplete info on the previous post. I think I have decided to be a PA now. Now the question is what are the chances to be accepted with my stats ? I am Medical Technologist by profession practicing for almost 10 years. I have done some phlebotomy work (not in USA). I have master’s degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. I really want to be a PA . I do not have direct patient care experience since I am a bench tech laboratorian except some phlebotomy work. I graduated with 3.9 GPA on my undergraduate and have maintai
  5. Great job for the betterment of the profession from a non-PA person who aspires to be a PA in future. Salute.
  6. Hello PA forum experts, I am Medical technologist and thinking about PA school at the age of 33. I really need your suggestions please. I will not be able to start before 2018. Thanks
  7. Read your PA essay last week. Found it awesome. Are you studying in UW ? I am thinking of doing PA too. How is the program at UW ?
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